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Past courses

Biology and Psychology: Sleep and Dreams

Critical Political Philosophy & Economy

Development Economics: Poverty and Human Development

Economics: Why do we need money and finance, anyway? (Under 18s)

EU Politics (Under 18s)

Fine art: From dots to dragons (Under 18s)

Literature: In the beginning was the word (Under 18s)

Machine Learning (Under 18s)

Materials science: From atoms to fusion reactors (Under 18s)

Mathematics: How to Build Your Own Reality (Under 18s)

Neuroscience: The first look on the most important kilogram of fat in your body (Under 18s)

Statistics: Lies and decisions in the real world (Under 18s)

Critical Thinking

Human Evolution

Humanitarian Action and Advocacy


Cognitive Psychology

Cosmic Physics


Law in Practice


Machine Learning


Political Philosophy: When Justice Isn't Fair

Poverty and Human Development


The Scientific Art