Svaty Jan pod Skalou (near Prague), Czech Republic

Poverty and Human Development

when 23 July 2017 - 30 July 2017
language English
duration 1 week
fee EUR 230

This course will take you outside the world you know and grew up in and try to answer questions like: What does it mean to be “poor”? What is live like when living under a dollar per day? Can we – and should we- end poverty? Where is the best place to intervene and how can we know what really works? Who gets to have a say in what development means - poor or rich people? The course will look at poverty and human development from mostly a micro-economic perspective, but also introduce alternative and more critical views on development from other disciplines such as anthropology, sociology and political science.

Course leader

Lara Fleischer

Target group

high school students from across the world.

Fee info

EUR 230: "I want to pay the full cost of the Discover experience. It includes the costs during the academy (accommodation, food, materials), travel costs for tutors, marketing, administration and preparatory meetings. Without these expenses, we wouldn't be able to offer a diverse range of high quality courses."
EUR 170: "I prefer to pay only the costs during the academy: accomodation, food and materials."


We understand that people in different countries, and different people within each country, have very different ability to pay the participation fee. We, therefore, expect to offer partial scholarships to up to 80% of participants.