Genova, Italy

European Union and the Law of the Sea

when 29 August 2022 - 9 September 2022
language English
duration 2 weeks
credits 9 EC
fee EUR 500

The interaction between the Law of the Sea and EU law is an area of increasing importance, which has nonetheless so far attracted too little attention.

The role of the EU with regard to the rights and duties implied in the use of world’s oceans is worth an ad hoc scrutiny not only in the light of the enhanced presence of the EU in the international arena but also because of a strategic interest that the EU has developed in recent years. Issues such as marine spatial planning, piracy, the preservation of the marine environment and the navigational use of the Arctic – just to give a few examples – have been for long at the top of the agenda of the EU and, occasionally, a reason of divergence between the EU and its Member States.

Both the EU and its Member States are parties to the 1982 United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea on the basis of the principle of attributed powers, according to which each contracting party assumes the rights and obligations deriving therefrom to the extent allowed by their respective competences. The recent practice has, however, shown that uncertainties if not outright clashes may indeed arise. Several contentious cases have been brought to attention of the Court of Justice of the EU either by way of infringement proceedings or because of alleged inconsistencies between EU law and international maritime treaties to which the Member States themselves are contracting parties.

All of the above... and more is at the heart of the Summer School on European Union and the Law of the Sea, already held for seven consecutive years (2015-2021).

Course leader

Prof. Lorenzo Schiano di Pepe

Target group

The ideal candidate will have completed a five- or at least a three-year long university program in law, political science, international relations, maritime studies, marine science, maritime economy or equivalent.
Students enrolled in a University program lasting longer than three years, who are at least in their fourth year and with an interest in the field will also be considered.

Ph.D. students, post-doctoral researchers and young professionals in any of the above areas are encouraged to apply.

Course aim

A number of general and more specific issues, touching upon several topical subjects, will be dealt with during the summer school.

For the 2022 edition teaching will in particular focus on the following four areas:
Introductory Notions
Non-State Actors and Individuals at Sea
Safety, Security and Marine Environmental Protection
Maritime Delimitation and Dispute Settlement.

Each of the above four modules will cover two days of lectures. Practical activities (group work) are also planned to test the knowledge and the skills acquired.

On the occasion of a field trip, participants are going to visit the premises of the Italian Navy's Hydrographic Institute where special lectures will take place.

Please note that the list of subjects is subject to amendments until confirmed as final.

Credits info

9 EC
Credits attributed according to ECTS system

Fee info

EUR 500: Regular fee, covering lunch breaks on weekdays.


Two for participants from developing countries.