Germany, Augsburg

European and International Economic Law

when 19 July 2017 - 28 July 2017
language English
duration 2 weeks
credits 10 EC
fee EUR 500

The Summer Program on European and International Economic Law offered by University of Augsburg provides an unique opportunity to learn the European and international law relevant in a global economy during only a six-week intensive course!

Frist, you will have an opportunity to explore the most relevant issues of the law governing the global economy. The Program will advance your understanding of the business law and provide you with knowledge necessary to gain an interesting and fulfilling employment in the legal field.

Second, a located in Germany summer program will give you an opportunity to improve your social as well as working connections. During the program you will meet people from all over the world and you will get a feeling for a different culture. Further, you will gain a chance to get in touch with law firms from Augsburg and Munich (München) and global players such as Daimler-Chrysler, BMW and Siemens.

Third, you will acheive all of that in only 6 weeks!

Course leader

Professor Dr. Thomas M.J. Möllers

Target group

Law students, lawyers, law and economic students, students interested in international law

Course aim

The intention of this Program is to impart knowledge in the basic framework of transnational Economic Law through lectures and examination courses in order to meet the increasing requirements of companies and law firms in this field. All of the lectures and talks will be offered in English.

Fee info

EUR 500: 450 Euros tuition fee and 50 Euros administrative fee