Italy, Florence

Vespucci Summer Institute on Geographic Information Science 2011 - Process Ontology

when 17 July 2011 - 23 July 2011
duration 1 week
fee EUR 900

The topic of this week will be Process Ontology and its applications to the analysis of processes in the human environment, in engineering, and in business.

Goals and Contents:

Understanding processes has become one of the key challenges to society: how much does our climate change, and why? how can deforestation of the Amazon be put under control? how can manufacturing processes be optimized? Process ontology provides the theory, tools, and techniques to analyze processes and to improve the design and use of information systems that support human decisions in dynamic situations. The institute will feature tutorials on ontology, progressing into research discussions and group work on the ontological analysis of processes.

Participants will learn to

* apply basic ontological distinctions and formal ontology
* sort out the different kinds of things that go under the name "process"
* identify spatio-temporal patterns underlying processes
* understand implications of choosing between three- and four-dimensionalism
* relate existing process ontologies to each other
* specify complex states, processes and events in terms of simpler ones
* design domain-specific process ontologies (e.g. in manufacturing, e-commerce, geography, biology) from more generic ontologies.

Course leader

Antony Galton, Michael Grueninger, David Mark, Werner Kuhn

Target group

* University researchers and faculty at all levels
* Project managers and researchers in industry and government
* Developers of GIS, LBS, SDI, and e-Government solutions

Course aim

The Summer Institute is aimed at researchers from the university, commercial, and government sectors. It provides an inspiring and productive opportunity for peer-to-peer interaction with leading international experts in the field. Participants will

* Learn the state of the art in the topic areas
* Understand and explore tomorrow's research and market challenges
* Be challenged to think laterally outside their daily work setting
* Present their own work and ideas to receive feedback and advice
* Get one-on-one access to experts in a relaxed and productive setting
* Improve presentation and team work skills
* Return home refreshed and newly motivated

The Summer Institute format is multi-faceted and will include

* Topical presentations and group projects
* Analyses of case studies
* Discussions and critique of methodology
* Skill-development sessions
* Opportunities for working on
o joint publications in international journals
o project proposals to funding agencies or management
o business plans

Credits info

please contact the organizers, if you need credits for the course

Fee info

EUR 900: Fee for Academics
EUR 1200: Fee for Business/other participants


In case you need financial support to attend, please state your needs in the comments section of the application form.