Prague, Czech Republic

Business Management

when 5 August 2024 - 16 August 2024
language English
duration 2 weeks
credits 5 EC
fee EUR 950

In this course you will learn all necessary methods, principles, approaches, and tools, to become a successful manager of a business or a small team. You will however not only find out about theoretical aspects of being a manager, you will also improve many practical skills, such as planning, organization, leadership, control, analytical thinking, decision-making, strategy-making and its implementation, human resources, and more.

Business Management will concentrate on operating a small business. While business theories and case studies will be used, the majority of this course will be a true workshop in which the student will learn real life applications on how to manage a small business. Real life issues of finance, taxes, staff and employees, marketing, vendors,inventory, ops and quality control will be utilized to give as realistic view as possible for the students enter the business world.

Through examinations of key strategic decisions taken at a number of real, successful small businesses, the learners will be creating a solid foundation for further studies in business, or will be able to apply these insights directly to their own budding business ventures. Students will be taught to write a realistic business plan.

Course leader

William Pattison

Excellent professional and academician with experience from both the USA and many European countries. He is running his own consultancy and marketing company, and he used to work for the company giant 3M.

Target group

Young professionals and university students with intermediary level of English

Course aim


◦ analyze the processes through which business ideas are evaluated;
◦ identify the characteristics of successful business;
◦ identify and describe strategies for supporting a business;
◦ distinguish between business ideas and opportunities;
◦ creating a formalized business plan, and perform this task;
◦ create a marketing plan, and perform this task;
◦ knowledge about financing business ventures;
◦ knowledge about leading and staffing a business; and
◦ identify and describe teambuilding dynamics.



◦ What is a Small business/Entrepreneurship?
◦ Business Skills
◦ Strategic Ownership / Management
◦ Franchisement
◦ Buying an existing business

DAY 2, 3, 4

◦ Building a business plan (SWOT)
◦ BRIE Model
◦ Marketing/Guerrilla Marketing
◦ Creating a solid financial plan
◦ Managing CashFlow

DAY 5, 6

◦ Small business marketing strategies
◦ Pricing and credit
◦ Integrated marketing communications
◦ E-commerce and the Entrepreneurship


◦ Funding
◦ Equity Financing
◦ Debt Financing
◦ Budgeting
◦ Location, location and location
◦ Layout and physical facilities


◦ Business Management 101
◦ Purchasing, quality control and vendors
◦ Project Management
◦ Managing Inventory
◦ Staffing/HR


◦ Staffing/HR
◦ Delegation/Monitoring
◦ Motivation

DAY 10

◦ Legal, Ethics and Government Regulations
◦ Sucession Management and Risk Management
◦ Value based firm
◦ Biy law and government regulation

Credits info

5 EC
You will receive an official Certificate of Attendance upon completion of your course which you may use to show evidence of the skills you have learnt during the course and have the credits accepted by your home university.

Fee info

EUR 950: Course fee includes the application fee, study materials, afternoon/evening social activities and events during the week and barbecue. Other expenses, such as meals, accommodation, insurance, personal expenses, extra activities (such as trips outside the town over the weekend) are not included in the price.

Please note, after the 30th of April 2023, there will be a late enrollment fee charged in the amount of 50EUR on top of the course fee.
EUR 247: Accommodation fee for a 13-night stay at Botic Student House starts at 19 EUR/night for a double bed room. Single bed is 25EUR/night.

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