Rotterdam, Netherlands

Effective Leadership & Communication Through Awareness of Body Language & Non-Verbal Communication

when 10 July 2017 - 14 July 2017
language English
duration 1 week
credits 1 EC
fee EUR 495

This workshop will improve your communication and relationships with others when leading, supported by more awarness of your nonverbal- communication behavior. You will learn to use your body-language to get your messages across in clear and effective ways.

Course content
Research proves that around 70 percent of all meaning in social interaction is derived from nonverbal behavior. This means that when you are well aware of your own body-language and the body-language of others you are able to communicate more concordant and effective and meaningful in leadership and in private relationships. Through developing body-awareness, recognizing non-verbal communication patterns and practicing observation skills you become able to empower your body and mind more effectively and meaningful during social interaction.
Ask yourself:
Do you want to improve the communication and relationship with others ?
Are you conscious about your nonverbal- communication behavior and that from others?
Does your body language support clearly and effectively your message?
Do you lead and communicate from the mind and from the body?

Course design
In a five-days’ workshop the basic principles of this topic will be taught through lecture and experiential learning with a focus on body-language, movement connected to personal aims in leadership.
Attention will be given to:
•Body-awareness in action.
•Observation skills based on the basics of LMA (*Laban Movement Analysis)
•Experiencing the difference between feeling and thinking.
•Empathic and effective communication.
•Non-verbal behavior and personal communication style.
•Mental Strength through body action.
•Mental Flexibility and stress management through body regulation.
•Strengthening performance and new communication patterns.

Course aim

After this 5-day workshop you will have insight in and understanding of:
•Body and self- awareness while communicating.
•Ways to observe and understand non-verbal communication.
•Personal (nonverbal) communication style & patterns.
•How to change non-effective patterns of communication.
•A range of non-verbal communication skills to support the personal presence in stressful situations.
•How to use the power of non-verbal communication in clear, empathic and effective relation- and leadership.

Fee info

EUR 495: Course + course materials