Warsaw, Poland

Corporate Governance

when 2 July 2018 - 13 July 2018
language English
duration 2 weeks
credits 4 EC
fee EUR 450

This course presents interdisciplinary concept of corporate governance by analysing institutions and mechanisms of CORPORATION supervision as well as institutions and mechanisms to ensure MANAGEMENT accountability. In different economic systems, different mechanisms and institutions of management supervision have emerged. Hence, the course takes the systemic view of different governance structures found around the world. A systems view tries to discover the ”internal logic” of a set of corporate governance mechanisms and institutions - how well do the components fit together?

Major learning outcomes for students:
- understanding of abstract concept of "corporation” and its aims;
- knowledge about corporate governance system: a detailed study of the various
- governance institutions in different countries e.g. board of directors;
- understanding of corporate governance mechanisms and their appropriateness for the entire system.

Course leader

Agnieszka Slomka-Golebiowska, PhD, Associate Professor at the Warsaw School of Economics. Previously, Director in the Industrial Development Agency responsible for corporate governance, restructuring and privatisation (2006-2009), Professor Assistant at t

Target group

Bachelor’s and master’s level students.

Course aim

Presentation of the information and case studies on governance mechanisms, then providing the understanding of the functioning of control structure that function in developed and transition economies. Development of certain skills such as critical thinking, knowledge integration, awareness and openness for current initiatives in the economy, understanding of interdependence of social, economic and legal systems both on the national and the international level.

Credits info

4 EC
It is possible to be enrolled in two courses and be credited 8 ECTS.

Fee info

EUR 450: 430 Euro fee for one course, inauguration and graduation, access to SGH’s library and university’s computers with internet, „welcome package”.
Fee for the second course is 260 Euro.
EUR 270: This fee is optional and includes accommodation in students’ dormitory, double or triple rooms, 10 breakfast before classes (at about 8 a.m.) and 10 lunches (at about 12.30 p.m.) from Monday to Friday each week. Detailed information at official website.