Reggio Calabria, Italy

The Age of Revolutions: Challenges to Class, Gender and Nation

when 7 August 2017 - 25 August 2017
language English
duration 3 weeks
fee EUR 780

2017 is a centennial of the Russian revolution which generated a series of revolutions in the world. The following changes led to the global bipolar division and transformed the system of power relations on macro and micro levels, social and economic structures of the society. That is why on the 100th anniversary of the revolution this topic becomes the focus of socio-political and academic discourse. What’s the difference between modern and postmodern revolutions in terms of their impact on gender relations and social structure? What role do religious and national factors have and what is the reason for their strengthening in social movements at the end the 20th century? Is the globalization of revolution possible in the 21st century?
All these issues are to be discussed at the Summer school.

The aim of the School is to address the phenomenon of revolutions of XX-XXI centuries in comparative perspective with relation to interdisciplinary approach and current scientific knowledge.

Course leader

Olga Shnyrova

Target group

teachers, graduate and post-graduate students in the fields of social and liberal arts, journalists, members of the NGOs and trade unions.

Course aim

- to introduce participants to the latest approaches and concepts in the study of revolutions in the social sciences
- to explore the transformation of revolutions, their evolution and classification over the course of XX-XXI centuries
- to review the transformations resulting from revolutions through the lens of class, gender and nation

Fee info

EUR 780: Total amount
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