Bernau close to Berlin, Germany

Biomimetic Design and Bauhaus with Petra Gruber

when 14 August 2017 - 19 August 2017
language English
duration 1 week
fee EUR 590

Biomimetics is a strategic approach to translate solutions from nature into a technical or artistic context, and by this reinterprets scientific findings in technology and the arts. This is not only about form and aesthetics but primarily about functional connections that should lead to innovation. Functional analogies are the base for the translations in both directions, from solution to application or from problem to solution.
The connection to traditional techniques in craftsmenship are as interesting as the investigation of the potentials of novel design- and production technologies, that creates a new formal language. Strategies like biomimicry integrate concepts for sustainable and ecological design. Interdisciplinarity and cooperation from institutions of basic scientific research to production is the base for research and development projects, that shall go beyond the design of prototypes to the introduction of novel products on the market.

The workshop Biomimetic Design and Bauhaus, experiments with the innovation method – biomimetics, in the context of the Bauhaus tradition. In a process of artistic research and based on selected research resulting from biology; a new formal language for specific materials and structures is developed. Aim of the workshop is the experimental development of models and prototypes with traditional as well as novel means of production.

Course leader

Dr. Petra Gruber is an architect with a strong interest in inter- and transdisciplinary design.
Apart from her professional work as an architect she holds a PhD in Biomimetics in Architecture from the Vienna University of Technology in Austria and collab

Target group

Students and young professionals in Architecture, Design and Art

Fee info

EUR 590: The 160.00 EUR enrollment fee is due with the registration. Restpayment until July 15, 2017.
EUR 290: Optional, for Acommodation in single room