Bernau close to Berlin, Germany

The better self with Isabella Pasqualini

when 21 August 2017 - 26 August 2017
language English
duration 1 week
fee EUR 590

The better self as the architectonic or technological promise of a better life is not a new idea in itself. We find it for instance in Aristotle’s writings, Francis Bacon’s “New Atlantis”, or, Hannes Meyer’s Co-op projects. Since Ivan Sutherland proposed “The Ultimate Display” in the early 70’s, it has become a mainstream ideal for new technologies including immersive Virtual Reality.

Starting with Hannes Meyer’s Co-op interior, in this module we will gain a deeper understanding of the sense of place and space using immersive virtual media: Place, as a notion through which the present moment is related to an entire system of references; Space, as the immanent link between extension, time and the body. In this context, we will test different aspects of embodiment ranging from the user’s sense of presence in Virtual Reality, to feelings of space, well-being, as well as moods and emotions. We will define individual design parameters and learn to understand and to modulate the user’s sensations in a specific environment over time based on immersive media.

We will start our individual design project from a physical place that we conceptualize gradually through an augmentation in virtual space. The result is a custom-made technological approach to architectonic space and an innovative design method based on immersive Virtual Reality.

Most required for this course are good 3d design skills and an own laptop with 3d software or good video filming and editing know-how.

Course leader

Isabella Pasqualini is an architect (ETHZ, 2000) and scientist with a PhD in architecture and cognitive neuroscience (EPFL, 2012). After studies in Venice, Zürich and Madrid, she has worked for international architecture firms before founding her own desi

Target group

Students and Young Professionals in Architecture, Art and Design

Fee info

EUR 590: The 160.00 EUR enrollment fee is due with the registration. Restpayment until July 15, 2017.
EUR 290: optional fee for accomodation