Zadar, Croatia


when 20 May 2018 - 30 June 2018
language Croatian
duration 6 weeks

Course consists of the following:

- Learning about Croatian language structure at all levels, based on various texts (songs, anecdotes, jokes, newspaper articles, magazines, standard texts, videos, etc.)
- Practicing the acquired knowledge in discussions dealing with specific questions, and according to the level of Croatian language competence of students
- The history of the Croatian language and Croatian dialectology
- Glagolitic monuments
- A comparison of Croatian language with other similar languages, especially South - Slavic languages
- Croatian proverbs and phrases in comparison with other languages
- Standard Croatian terminology (legal, economic, computer terminology, etc.) in comparison with other languages
- Croatian linguistic purism (continuity, discontinuity, re-continuity)
- Croatian literature in theEuropean context
- Learning about Croatian culture, history and geography, especially the region of Zadar


- Program A - 150 hours (special program).
- Program B – four hours a day. Can be completed with additional tuition hours if so desired.
- Program C (depending on the desired duration and intensity of the course) – at least two hours a day, even more if so requested.

Note: Trips are organized on Saturdays, while on Sundays the students are free. Lessons start at 9 o’clock.


- Boat trips to islands
- Natural and cultural sightseeing of Zadar and its surroundings
Very rich cultural program is often offered in Zadar. Apart from swimming in crystal clear sea and sunbathing at beautiful beaches, you can take part in various sports activities, such as surfing, water-skiing, sailing, scuba diving etc. The vicinity of several national parks attracts the lovers of intact nature (hiking, mountain climbing, etc.).

PROGRAM A - 6-weeks course in croatian language and culture
from 20 May till 30 June 2018
(usually two levels: intermediate and advanced)

Attention: This is the special program for university students in the USA. The program is organized in collaboration with the University of Kansas. The only prerequisite for enrollment is one year of college-level Croatian. University students from other countries can join the program (from the beginnig or in the middle of the course) if they have appropriate knowledge of Croatian.

Three-week international course of croatian language

(3 levels: beginners, intermediate & advanced)

1. term: From 09th July to 27th July 2018

2. term: From 31st July to 18th August 2018

Attention: Exceptionally, these courses can be attended in part (minimum one week) as well as they can be attended as one whole course, which means that it is possible to attend two 3-weeks courses in a row.

PROGRAM C - individual croatian language courses
(3 levels: beginners, intermediate & advanced - professionals, diplomats, students, family members and friends of non-Croatian language background, etc.)

Attention: Beginning & duration of the course can be arranged according to the time available.

Course leader

Director of the program: Dr. Mile Mamic, full professor of the Contemporary Croatian language

Target group

The course is intended for Slavistes & all those who would like to learn about the Croatian language and Croatian culture. Students must be sixteen or older in order to enroll.

Fee info

For all information about fees, please, contact Dr. Stephen M. Dickey, The University of Kansas, Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures (phone: 785 8642357, e-mail:

Participants from other countries:
School fees 184 euros per week
Accommodation Single room 140 euros per week
Double room 100 euros per week
Total 284 euros or 324 euros per week

Attention (concerning expenses): Accommodation for program A is possible in a single or double room. Meals are not included in the price-list because attendants decide for themselves which meals to take and they pay for them directly at the restaurant. There is also possibility to buy ready-to-serve food in the nearby supermarkets or to prepare meals in the kitchen which is at the disposition of the participants. Short trips are planned for participants of group courses. Full day excursions are included in Program A.

Program A - University students from the United States send deposit to the University of Kansas.

Other participants – as for B and C programs.
Program B and C – The amount is to be paid via bank transfer or to be paid three days after the beginning of course at the paying desk of LIN-CRO.
Payments accepted in all currencies/according to the equivalent value.

For program A the application form should be sent to Prof. Stephen M. Dickey, The University of Kansas, Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures, phone: 785- 864- 3313, e-mail:

For program B and C the application form should be sent to the Address of LIN-CRO, generally one week before the beginning of the course. The completed application should be sent in hard copy.