Zadar, Croatia


when 1 January 2018 - 31 December 2018
language Croatian
duration 52 weeks

The course is intended for Slavistes & all those who would like to learn about the Croatian language and Croatian culture. Students must be sixteen or older in order to enroll. It consists of the following:

- Learning about Croatian language structure at all levels, based on various texts (songs, anecdotes, jokes, newspaper articles, magazines, standard texts, videos, etc.)
- Practicing the acquired knowledge in discussions dealing with specific questions, and according to the level of Croatian language competence of students
- The history of the Croatian language and Croatian dialectology
- Glagolitic monuments
- A comparison of Croatian language with other similar languages, especially South - Slavic languages
- Croatian proverbs and phrases in comparison with other languages
- Standard Croatian terminology (legal, economic, computer terminology, etc.) in comparison with other languages
- Croatian linguistic purism (continuity, discontinuity, re-continuity)
- Croatian literature in theEuropean context
- Learning about Croatian culture, history and geography, especially the region of Zadar

Course leader

Director of the program: Dr. Mile Mamic, full professor of the Contemporary Croatian language

Target group

PROGRAM C - individual croatian language courses
(3 levels: beginners, intermediate & advanced - professionals, diplomats, students, family members and friends of non-Croatian language background, etc.)

Attention: Beginning & duration of the course can be arranged according to the time available.

Fee info

(depending on the desired duration and intensity of the course)
School fee 20 euros per school hour (= 45 minutes)
Lodgings 20 euros per day