Amsterdam, Netherlands

Pre-University Honours Programme: Journalism

when 29 July 2024 - 9 August 2024
language English
duration 2 weeks
fee EUR 1500

The 2020s are poised to be challenging years that will grapple with massive topics that touch the lives of people across the globe. The role of journalism and media will without a doubt play an essential role in communicating these topics, thereby influencing how people will understand the age in which we live, and the issues at stake. This two-week programme will give current high school students the skills and theories to approach a host of topics from a journalistic perspective.

In this programme, students will have the opportunity to participate in a thorough introduction to journalism from both theoretical and practical perspectives. Journalism and journalists will play a key role in communicating these changes and conversations to various audiences around the world. And in our era of media saturation and with the rise of fake news, it is perhaps more important than ever before that people are trained to have a curious and critical (investigative) journalistic mind. Throughout the two weeks, students will be challenged to think critically, and to learn the foundations of journalism and its important role in societies across the world. Special attention will be paid to the role of journalism for the good functioning of states, and in particular, how journalism has grown and developed in the context of democracies. During the course, students will learn the skill set of journalists, which they will immediately apply in various exercises and writing assignments.

Course leader

Dr. Benjamin Roberts

Target group

For current high school students (must be 16+) interested in journalism, media and culture, and any discipline in the humanities or social and behavioural sciences.

Course aim

The Pre-University Honours Programme in Journalism is an excellent opportunity for high school students who are considering a future in journalism, and also for those who want to learn essential critical thinking and communication skills. The lectures and all course materials are in English. Participants in the course will develop study skills and become acquainted with learning methods that will give them an advantage as they continue their education at university.

Fee info

EUR 1500: The tuition fee includes all course materials, excursions and events, lunch on class days and a public transportation card.
EUR 550: Approximate costs for housing for the duration of the programme.


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