Lille, France

International & EU Affairs - French Language & Society

when 22 June 2020 - 17 July 2020
language English
duration 4 weeks
credits 12 EC
fee EUR 2950

Do you feel to visit the European Institutions, study EU Affairs and French language at the same time this summer? Welcome to Sciences Po Lille Summer School !!

Sciences Po Lille Summer School consists of intensive short-term program with different courses such as Law, Economics and Politics.
The 2020 Summer School proposes an innovative programme around 2 tracks:

- International - EU Affairs

- French Language & Society

Students will have the opportunity to divide their time in Lille between modules which focus on International and European affairs, including issues such as the crisis in Climate change, European identity and values.
The courses in French language aims to enhance and perfect their language skills as well provide some understanding of the contemporary aspects of French society.

Course leader

International – EU Affairs Course description

Target group

Our students come from all over the world: Canada, the USA, China, Mexico, The Netherlands… This variety enhances the program for the participants as they are able to mix with other international students as they share a common experience in France. Every year, an evaluation takes place to ensure that the program fits to the students’ needs.
Sciences Po’s Summer School is open to International students from around the world, students from Partner Universities and Sciences Po Lille students.

Eligible for the Summer School :
Student Currently enrolled in an accredited college/university
• 1. Undergraduate : mandatory “European Affairs background”
• 2. Postgraduate : GPA 2.5 or above
• 3. Selection of partner’s University

Science Po Lille partner universities’ International Offices are asked to nominate their students via email to from February 15 to April 15, 2020.

Course aim

French Language and Society
This module aims to develop students' ability to demonstrate some understanding of the French language, as well as speak, read and write French with relative proficiency.
To complete the training, in addition to language classes, we propose to the students that they learn about contemporary French society and cultures by examining its products, practices and perspectives through thematic study
Using authentic sources such as newspapers and magazines, films, music, stories and literary excerpts students will develop language skills and communicative proficiency in real life settings.
All courses will highlight the importance of culture, history, politics as well as cover the challenges that France is facing at the moment: Globalization, Europeanization, secularism, communitarianism, and examine the role of the central state etc...
Professors will help students to develop communication skills through regular class discussions, one-on-one conversations, role plays and oral presentations with classmates.
The aim of this course is that students will gain fluency in French while increasing their knowledge of France.

Credits info

12 EC
Participants will receive a certificate with 6 credits for International - EU Affairs and 6 credits for French Language and Society

Fee info

EUR 2950: Tuition fee : (2 tracks / 1 track) 2200 € / 1400 €
Compulsory Accommodation : 650 €
Application fee : 100 €
Get an Early Bird fee: 2000€ for two tracks and 1100€ for one track
Compulsory Accommodation : 650 €
Application fee : 100 €
Total (2 tracks / 1 track) : 2750€ / 1850€