Utrecht Summer School


History of Art: A Thousand Years of European Highlights

History of Art: Relations between Italy and the Netherlands - Track

The Art of the Renaissance in Florence and Rome

Innovation in European Business: Business Models, Leadership and Design

International Rhythm Course

The Golden Age of Dutch Art

A Journey through Dutch Art

History of Art: Highlights in Germany and the Netherlands - Track

Introduction to Finance and Banking

Stress Management: A Personalized Approach to Dealing with Long & Short Term Stress Effectively

New Financing Models for a Changing World

Dutch Art from Van Gogh to Mondrian

Business Innovation with Blockchain

Composing Film Music for Beginners

Past courses

Eye Tracking Research Toolbox

International Rhythm Course, Level 2

Global Health PhD & Postdoc Writing Retreat

Mplus: How to Get Started?

From Print to Paint: Histories and Methods of Artistic Production

Doing Business in Europe (extended) - Track

Doing Business in Europe - Track

European Encounters: The Baltics in the European Union - Track

European Competition Law and Economics: Cartels and Other Evils

Futuring for Sustainability

Psychodiagnostics: Theory and Skills Training

Pharmaceutical Policy Analysis

Europe as a Business Network, Ecosystem and Industry

Global Trends in Demographics and Migration

Process Mining Research

Introduction to Intercultural Communication

Multidisciplinary Game Research: Between Theory and Practice

Internationalisation Challenged – Rethinking Global Higher Education

Introductory Econometrics Using Stata

Research Methods in Intercultural Communication

Battlefields Uncovered 2: Developing and Demonstrating Understanding of Places of Past Conflict

Structural Equation Modelling in Mplus

Introduction to R

Data Science in Clinical Practice

Data Stewardship

Regression in R

Introduction to Python

Text Analysis with Python

Missing Data in R

Environmental Epidemiology

Fundamentals of Global Health

Dutch Language for German Speakers incl. State Exam (A0 → B2)

Translational Medicine: Doing the Right Research Right

Waterloo Uncovered Battlefield Excavation

Advanced In Vitro Models

Exploring Nature's Molecular Machines

English Advanced 1 (B2 -> B2+) July

Rehabilitation Management in Persistent Health Problems (PHP)

Introduction to GIS for Human and Behavioral Scientists

Cognitive Neuropsychology: From Patients to Functional Models

Depression Management and Suicide Prevention

International Human Rights Law: An Introduction

Introduction to Public International Law

Law and Sustainability

Advanced Functional Programming in Haskell

Dutch Language Level 1 (A0 → A1-) early July

Advanced Clinical Research Monitoring Interactive Workshop

Creative Fiction and Non-Fiction: Utrecht Writing Workshop (B2+)

Migration, Integration and Ethnic Relations

Introduction to Structural Equation Modeling using Mplus

Data Science: Statistical Programming with R

Research design for Experimental Linguists - Uil OTS

Rehabilitation of the Hand

Hands-on GIS for Earth Scientists

Soft Skills for (Future) Diplomats and Peacebuilders

English Upper Intermediate 1 (B1 -> B1+)

Diagnostic Avian and Exotic Animals Pathology

Biomedical Research Lab

3D Printing and Biofabrication

Mathematical Modelling of Infectious Diseases

Global Maternal, Newborn and Child Health

Dutch Language for German Speakers (A0 → B2)

Academic English Skills (B2 → C1) early July

Interprofessional Collaboration in Stroke Management

English Upper Intermediate Complete (B1 -> B2)

English Advanced Complete (B2 -> C1) July

Introduction to Multilevel Analysis

The Early Church as Ideal: Old Catholic Theology Beyond the Basics

Global Health Ethics & Equity

Modern Bigness: Connecting the Dots between Big Tech and European Competition Law

Entrepreneurship through Acquisition and Succession: How to Buy a Company

Biostatistics for Researchers

Humanizing Birth: Launching Critical Midwifery Studies

Teaching through English in an international classroom: CLIL and EMI

Sense making of GPS Data in a GIS environment

Introduction to the International Law of the Sea

Current Challenges in EU Law

Contemporary Conflict Analysis: Actors, Issues & Technologies of 21st Century Warfare

Advanced Multilevel Analysis

Advanced Course on Using Mplus

Data Science: Introduction to Text Mining with R

Data Science: Multiple Imputation in Practice

Childhood Cancer: State-of-the-Art Treatment, Innovative (Bio)Medicine and Patient Centered Care

Regenerative Medicine

Global Surgery & Obs-Gyn

Data Science: Programming with Python

Network Science

Dutch Language Level 7 (B2+ → C1)

Corporate Governance after the Financial and Covid-19 Crises

Law and Economics: Corporate Governance & Mergers and Acquisitions - Track

Dutch Language Level 1 (A0 → A1-) mid July

Dutch Language Level 2 (A1- → A1+) mid July

Data Science: Data Analysis

Chinese Language and Culture for Beginners 0 -> HSK1

Chinese Language and Culture HSK1 -> HSK2

Chinese Language and Culture HSK2 -> HSK3

Chinese Language and Culture HSK3 -> HSK4

English Advanced 2 (B2+ -> C1) July

Writing for Publication (C1 -> C1+)

Science and Values: Historical and Philosophical Perspectives

Understanding and Managing Mergers and Acquisitions

Data Science: Applied Text Mining

Art in Germany from the Middle Ages to the 20th Century

Project Management: From Theory to Practice

Dutch Language Level 2 (A1- → A1+) early August

Academic English Skills (B2 → C1) early August

Dutch Language Level 1 (A0 → A1-) early August

Dutch Language Level 2 (A1- → A1+) early August

Dutch Language Level 3 (A1+ → A2) early August

English Advanced 1 (B2 -> B2+) August

Dutch Language Level 7 (B2+ → C1) early August

English Proficiency 1 (C1 -> C1+)

English Proficiency Complete (C1 -> C2)

English Advanced Complete (B2 -> C1) August

Coaching Skills for Young Leaders

Professional English Skills (B2 → C1)

Agile Projects as Dynamic Capability

Dutch Language Level 1 (A0 → A1-) mid August

Dutch Language Level 3 (A1+ → A2) mid August

Conflict Resolution and Mediation Skills

Introduction to Complex Systems

Hands-on Process Mining

Introduction to Phonetics and Phonology - UiL OTS

Applied Multivariate Analysis

Survey Research: Design, Implementation and Data Processing

Introduction to Generative Syntax - UiL OTS


Modeling the Dynamics of Intensive Longitudinal Data

Advanced Communication Skills: Between Persuasion and Empathy

Developmental Psychopathology and Psychological Assessment in Childhood and Adolescence

English Advanced 2 (B2+ -> C1) August

Dutch Language Level 2 (A1- → A1+) mid August

Mathematics Education

English Proficiency 2 (C1+ -> C2)

Teaching in English for Higher Education Professionals

Game Design and Development

Survey Research: Statistical Analysis and Estimation


Paediatric Sport and Exercise Medicine

AI-Aided Systematic Reviewing

Ecogames: The Role of Playful Media in Sustainability Awareness, Communication and Action

Advanced Survey Design

Battlefields Uncovered: Introduction to Archaeological and Historical Investigations of Conflict

Theoretical Physics