University of Almeria - Study Abroad Summer School

Past courses

Derecho Internacional de la Energía y el Cambio Climático

Spanish for Professional and Academic Purposes (beginner, intermediate or advanced)

International Business: Developing Managerial and Entrepreneurial Skills

Introduction to Managerial Skills and Entrepreneurship

Horticultura Protegida Sostenible: Sistemas de Cultivo sin Suelo e Hidroponía

Integrated Pest Management: Certification of Product Quality

Tecnología de Invernaderos: el Modelo Almería, ejemplo de éxito y reparto de riqueza

Big Data and Business Intelligence

Geospatial Information Technologies in Land Planning and Natural Resources Management

Find a New World: Sexology

The Basis of Health and Wellbeing

Instalaciones Solares Térmicas y Fotovoltaicas: Modelado y Aplicaciones al Diseño

White Biotechnology Based on the Use of Environmental Microorganisms

Fundamentos de Bioprocesos de Microalgas

Game of Thrones: Tourism and Local Development

Entrepreneurship: from Business Idea Identification to Business Opportunity Exploitation

Doing International Business: Developing Managerial, Entrepreneurial and Marketing Skills

Kayaking, Stand up Paddle and Dragonboat

Spanish Language and Culture: Basic, Independent and Proficient User

Fundamentals of Finance: What you should at least know about Finance

Find Your Way: Holistic Knowledge in the 21st Century

Globalization, Change of Values and Communication

Spanish Mediterranean Tourism: on-site Study for Three Sustainable Models

Managing in Complex and Global Environments: Developing Entrepreneurial Skills

International Business: Managerial, Entrepreneurial and Marketing Skills Development