UCPH International Summer programme


Human Rights and Economic Law for the Green Transition

Creating Healthy Cities

Introduction to Social Data Science

Diagnosis of Diseases of Agricultural and Horticultural Plants

Governmental Contracts

Søren Kierkegaard: The Individual Between the Religious and the Secular

Science and Technology Communication in Theory and Practice

Peaceful Settlement of International Disputes

Organization Theory

Science as a Cultural Human Right

Forensic Genetics and Massively Parallel Sequencing

Global Health Challenges

Ways of Living: Danish Architecture & Urban Design

Citizen Science

Advanced Synthetic Techniques

Behavioral and Experimental Economics

Brewing Summer Course 1

Brewing Summer Course 2

Numerical Methods in Physics

Brewing Summer Course 3

EU Food Law

Practical Financial Optimization

Food Packaging

Managing and Analyzing Data in Social Science

Aroma - the Chemistry behind Odour

Understanding Sustainability

Applications of X-ray and Neutron Scattering in Biology, Chemistry and Physics

Copenhagen Past & Present w/ Danish Language

Gender and Sexuality: Pasts, presents, futures

Global Health Solutions

Nutritional Effects of Dairy and Dairy/Plant-Hybrid Products

International Health

Sustainable Development of Land Use

Past courses

New Plant Breeding Technologies and Selection Methods

Textiles and Fashion in Theory and Practice through 3000 Years


New Urban Life Across the Globe: Activism and Change in a World of Cities

Bayesian Econometrics

Humanitarian Action in the 21st century: An introduction

Archaeological Science in the Post-Genome Era

Innovating solutions for Aging populations

Internal Medicine - Course 2: Cardiology, neurology, oncology, respiratory diseases and infectious diseases

Introduction to surgery with hands on simulation training

Nation-building and state formation in the Arctic and Greenland - Bachelor level

Nation-building and state formation in the Arctic and Greenland - Master level

Nordic Health Systems

Introduction to surgery with simulated team-training and clinical experiences

Marine Faunistics: biology and systematics of marine fish and invertebrates

Field Course - Borderland: Critical Approaches to Field Research in the Global South

Negotiating Regulatory Responses to Foreseeable Climate Tragedy

EU Digital Contracts and Digital Consumer Law

Tax Policy

Financial Frictions, Liquidity, and the Business Cycle

International Nature Conservation

Democracy and Democratization in Comparative Perspective

Managing and Analysing Cross Sectional and Spatial Data in Social Science

Rethinking Healthcare - Innovation as a powerful driver

Subjects in Blockchain Technology (SBT)

Social Data Science

Scandinavian Manuscript Studies

Marine Geoscience

Contemporary Buddhism

Stone Tool Technology: Concepts, Techniques and Methods

Heritage Protection in Urban Conflicts

Economics of Misbehavior

Food Packaging

Kierkegaard – The Individual in Global Society

Human Ways: 19C-21C Danish Architecture and Urban Design

Macroeconomic Risk Management

The Circle of Stories: Literature and Genre

Health, Disease, and Lifestyle in the Past

Urban Culture in Theory and Action

Crisis and Transition: Environmental Humanities in a Global World

Crisis and Transition: Environmental Humanities in a Global World

Urbanisation and Health - Global and Local Perspectives with Copenhagen as a Case

Sustainability – History of Concepts and Practices

Privacy Challenged in Past, Present and Future: a Multi-disciplinary Approach

Danish Language Course

Interdisciplinary Aspects of Healthy Aging

Cultural Rights: A Promising Global Discourse?

Kierkegaard – The Individual in Global Society

Internal Medicine

The Economic History of Europe

Field Course in Sri Lanka on Cross-disciplinary Health Research

Phylogenomic Applications in Biodiversity Research

Cultural Production and Urban Space

Qualification Course in Econometrics

Sustainability in Disciplinary Contexts

Arctic Health

Environmental Justice

Advanced Methods for the Analysis of Protein Disease Mechanisms

Environmental Humanities in a Global World

Topics in Philosophy of Mathematical Practice

Arctic Climate Change Law and Governance

Names and Naming Practices

Global Health Case Challenge

Diplomacy in the Digital Age

Dressing the World, Theory and Practice Through 2000 Years

One Health