SDU Summer Schools


Introduction to R

Global Challenges I: The SDGs Relevance for the Social Sciences

Behavior Change for a Sustainable Future

Chemical Biology

Engineering for Sustainability

Experimental Architecture with Computational Design and Digital Fabrication

Cities and Climate Change

Artificial Intelligence for Healthcare Data

Medical Devices and Imaging

Narrative Medicine

Engineering Imagination

Circular Economy for Business and Engineers with SDG Focus

Project Management

Six Sigma

Introduction to Biologically-inspired Robotics and Learning

Robotics: Fundamentals and Applications

Design and build drones for environmental monitoring and sustainable precision farming

Applied Composite Drone Manufacturing

Continuous Delivery and DevOps

Deep Learning

Introduction to Nano-optics

Past courses

Engineering – Experimental Architecture. Computational Design and Digital Fabrication

Computer Science - Deep Learning

Engineering - Engineering Imagination

Engineering – Modelling and Simulation of Electrical and Electromechanical Dynamic Systems

Engineering – Engineering for Sustainability

Engineering – Health Tech Innovator

Engineering – Applied Composite Drone Manufacturing

Engineering – Experimental Fluid Mechanics

Project Management

Engineering – Robots in Context (cancelled)

Engineering – Continuous Delivery and DevOps

Engineering - Bioresource Technology for Fuel and Sustainability (cancelled)

Engineering - Urban Resilience

Engineering - Design of Electronic Circuits (cancelled)

Engineering - Manufacturing Technologies and Business Model Innovation in the Age of Sustainability (cancelled)

Engineering - Six Sigma Green Belt

Sustainable Development Goals and Global Production Systems: A New Implementation Challenge

Engineering - Project Based Design of Electrical Circuits and Mechanical Systems (cancelled)

Engineering - Introduction to Nano Optics

Engineering - Introduction to Biologically-inspired Robotics and Learning

Engineering - Introduction to Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) technology (cancelled)

Decision, Persuasion, and Negotiation

Financial Model Implementation and Practice (cancelled)

Understanding and Using Companies’ Accounting Reports (cancelled)

Regulating the Future - the EU and the Sustainable Development Goals

Quality Education: Human Capital for Building Resilient Societies (Sustainable Development Goal 4) (cancelled)

Engineering - Chemical Biology (cancelled)

The Million Dollar Equation at the Heart of Astrophysics, Climate Physics and Mathematics (cancelled)

New Corporate Narratives: Sustainable Development Goals and Organizational Narratives