SDU Summer Schools

Past courses

Narratives in and around Organizations

Civil and Architectural Engineering – Experimental Architecture with Computational Design and Digital Fabrication

Computer Science – 3D Graphics Programming

Computer Science - Deep Learning

Design Engineering – Engineering Imagination

Electrical Engineering – Modelling and simulation of dynamic systems

Energy Technology – Complex system modelling and simulation for intelligent energy systems

Environmental Engineering – Engineering for Sustainability

Innovation and Entrepreneurship – Health Tech Innovator

Mechanical Engineering – Applied composite drone manufacturing

Mechanical Engineering – Experimental Fluid Mechanics

Engineering Physics – Nonlinear and Quantum Nanophotonics

Physics – Galactic Dynamics and Dark Matter

Manufacturing Engineering – Basic Automation

Project Management

Robot Systems Engineering – Introduction to Reinforcement Learning for Robotics

Robot Systems Engineering – Robots in context

Software engineering – Continuous Delivery and DevOps

Chemical Engineering - Biomass and biofuel technology