SOAS Academic Summer School

Past courses

Is Austerity a Choice? Managing Public Finances

Development and Conflict

Finance and Risk Management

Gender and Conflict

Global Challenges to Food Security

International Relations in the 21st Century

Global Digital Futures: Decolonizing the Digital Economy

Anthropology of Travel, Tourism and Pilgrimage

Wars for the Middle East: Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, and Syria Since 1979

Populism and the Crisis of Democracy

Sustainable Finance and Climate Change

Learn Chinese (Advanced Beginner)

Learn Japanese (Advanced Beginner)

Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals

Blockchain: Implications for Business, Finance, Government and Society

Global Diplomacy in the Modern World

Learn Chinese (Beginner)

Learn Korean (Beginner)

Learn Japanese (Beginner)

Research Awareness: Design and Methodology

International Law

The Middle East in Global Politics

The Politics of Protest, Development and Social Change

Understanding Africa

Extreme Futures: Capitalism, Crisis and Climate

Queer Cinema in Asia