Summer School as School

Past courses

Between Cradles and Barricades: Feminist Methodology and Artistic Research Methods

Featured Parts, Features - on the Turbulent Media of the Present

From the Deluge to the Meltdown: Life Processes and Feedback Loops

Contemporary Art and the Practice of Theory and Artist Criticism

Remembering as Future

How to Develop, Pitch and Write Long Form Journalism


From Calling to Calling some "Evil Spirits"

Out of Synchronization: Modern, Post-Modern, Neo-Feudal

Museum, Critical Review

Reading the City through Landmarks

Human Reasons Between Post-Contemporary Occultism and Artificial Intelligence

Art Practice and the Human Beyond our Species

War Memory, Public Space and Collective Identity

Populism At The Periphery And Cultural Constituencies/Counterstances

Climate Change Policy – Public Participation and Art

The Art and Philosophy of Sport

The City and Art Museums

Solidarity in Time: Non Aligned Movement and Contemporary Art

Aesthetic, Anti-aesthetics, Anaesthetics: Art Through the Senses

Translation: Using the Concept in Society, Culture, Knowledge and Art Production?

Art and Memory in Practices of Commemorations After Mass Atrocities

Desire and its Discontents