European Summer School in Logic, Language and Information

Past courses

Trivalent and Dynamic Theories of Conditionals

Semantic Properties and Combinatorial Restrictions of Attitude Predicates

Neural Machine Translation

Deep Language Learning: Modeling language from Raw Speech

Elements of Kleene Algebra

The Safety Fragment of Temporal Logics of Infinite Sequences

Formal Theories of Properties

Logical Operations Among Conditionals as Conditional Random Quantities

Tree-Adjoining Grammars: Theory and Implementation

Linear Arithmetic Theories: Algorithms and Applications

Workshop on Internal and External Pressures Shaping Language

Let’s Talk About Frodo: Foundations of the Semantics of Fiction

Current Topics in the Semantics and Pragmatics of Plural Expressions

Natural Language Syntax and Statistical Semantics with Modal Lambek Calculus

Limitations in NLP: Disagreements, Misunderstandings, and other Challenges

Tools for Formal Epistemology: Doxastic Logic, Probability and Default Logic

Logics for Safe AI

Propositional Quantifiers

The Semantics of Reciprocity

Computational Game Theory in Julia

Formal Techniques for Neural-symbolic Modeling

Possibility Semantics

First-order Modal and Temporal Logics: Philosophical and Computational Aspects

Logics with Probability Operators and Quantifiers

Procedural and Computational Models of Semantic and Pragmatic Processes

Common ground

Probability Logic, Language, and Cognition

Treebanking: Methodology, Tools and Applications

Computational Approaches to Semantic Change Detection

Quantification in Dynamic Epistemic Logic

Time and Space for the Lambda Calculus

Workshop on First-order Modal and Temporal Logics: State of the Art and Perspectives

Communitarian Semantics

Monotonicity: Grammar, Processing, and Neural Reflections

An Introduction to Proof Equivalence

Logic, Data Examples, and Learning

Modalities in Substructural Logics: Applications at the Interfaces of Logic, Language and Computation

Decomposing the Meaning of Modals

The Semantics of Visual Communication - Co-speech Gestures and Sign language

Natural Language Syntax: Parsing and Complexity

A Uniform Meaning Representation for NLP Systems

Advanced Topics in Formal Semantics Based on Modern Type Theories

The Probabilistic Language of Thought

Conditional Logics of Preference: How to Make the Best Choice

Logics of Dependence and Independence