IED Summer Courses


Contemporary Art and Architecture in Venice - IED Venice

Ethical and Sustainable Fashion - IED Barcelona

Design Thinking and Co - Creation - IED Barcelona

Innovation and Future Thinking - IED Barcelona

Graphic Design and Creativity - IED Madrid

Leather Bags Design and Making - IED Madrid

Design in Gastronomy - IED Madrid

Illustration and Drawing - IED Madrid

Rome Architectural Sketchbook - IED Rome

Interior and Showroom Design - IED Milan

Fashion Events and PR - IED Florence

Graphic Design and Portfolio - IED Florence

Car Design - An Introduction - IED Torino

Advanced Graphic Design - IED Florence

Design Made in Italy - IED Florence

Fashion Design: Design your Capsule Collection - IED Florence

Beachwear Design - IED Barcelona

Digital Strategy and Social Media - IED Madrid

Fashion Styling - IED Madrid

Personal Shopper - IED Madrid

Image Consultant and Personal Shopper - IED Barcelona

Interior Decoration and Styling - IED Barcelona

Interior Design for Commercial Spaces - IED Barcelona

Furniture Design - IED Barcelona

Sport Product Design - IED Barcelona

Graphic Design - IED Barcelona

Fashion Printing - IED Barcelona

Experimental Jewellery Design - IED Barcelona

Fashion Styling - IED Barcelona

Fashion Trends Investigation - IED Barcelona

Fashion Photography - IED Barcelona

Fashion Marketing - IED Barcelona

Service Design for Innovation - IED Barcelona

Social Media Management - IED Barcelona

Visual Merchandising - IED Barcelona

Fashion Marketing - IED Milano

Design Thinking for Business Transformation - IED Barcelona

Fashion Product Management - IED Barcelona

Fashion Trends Investigation from Coolhunting to Forecasting - IED Barcelona

Future Materials in Fashion: Lifestyle, trends and design - IED Barcelona

Global Design - IED Barcelona

Jewelry Design - IED Barcelona

Packaging Design - IED Barcelona

Design Experience - IED Madrid

Visual Storytelling - IED Madrid

Past courses

Interior Decoration and Styling - IED Madrid

Creative Illustration - IED Barcelona