Summer School on Modern Methods in Biostatistics and Epidemiology

Past courses

Basics of Stata®

Analysis of prospective studies with Stata®

Meta-analysis using Stata®

Data Visualization with Stata®

Principles of Biostatistics

Linear Regression for Medical Research

Causal Inference in Epidemiology

Principles of Epidemiology

Big Data Analytics in Healthcare: Value, Effectiveness and Safety

Mediation Analysis

Logistic Regression for Medical Research

Basics of Stata®

Epi Tables using Stata®

Multiple Imputation using Stata®

Simulation studies in Stata®

Molecular Epidemiology

Nutritional Epidemiology: Principles and Application to Cancer

Survival Analysis

Research Methods in Health: Biostatistics

Longitudinal Data Analysis

Research Methods in Health: Epidemiology

Monitoring and Evaluating Complex Public Health and Social Interventions

Statistical methods for population-based cancer survival analysis

Joint Modelling of Longitudinal and Survival Data