Croatia, Zagreb

International Business

when 25 June 2018 - 13 July 2018
language English
duration 3 weeks
credits 9 EC
fee EUR 1400

International Business is a course designed to increase awareness of major challenges facing organizations and managers in today’s hyper competitive global marketplace. By focusing on the international dimensions of management and organization, the course provides a framework for formulating successful strategies in an increasingly complex world economy. Through a multi-disciplinary approach drawing on social anthropology, psychology, management and organizational theory, the course deals with various issues related to complexity of culture, cultural orientation of different organizations and individuals and the mapping of world cultures through the cultural dimensions of Hofstede and others.

Course leader

Dr. Goran Oblakovic completed his PhD in Management at the University of St. Gallen, Switzerland. He completed his master's studies in strategic finance (MSSF) and business administration (MBA) at the Indiana University Southeast, USA.

Target group

Students majoring in Business or any related field.

Course aim

The goal of the course is to develop students' understanding of management and organizational behavior from an international and cross-cultural perspective.

The course will enable students to improve cultural sensitivity, develop skills of cross-cultural communications, managing cultural differences in a multicultural environment, and the art of negotiation so that international businesses can be effectively managed and business failures related to cultural blunders can be minimized. Finally, through various contemporary studies students will be able to understand the cultural dynamics that has been taking place globally.

Credits info

9 EC
- 6 ECTS for International Finance
- 3 ECTS for Croatian Studies*

*for more information on courses please visit ZSEM's official web site.

Fee info

EUR 1400: Regular fee*

One additional course from the course list can be taken but students need to be aware that the program will become very intense and time-consuming. In case they do decide to take additional course they can earn up to 15 ECTS credits. *

*for more information please visit ZSEM's official web site.
EUR 999: Early bird fee*

*for more information please visit ZSEM's official web site.