Bernau bei Berlin, Germany

Skin and Surface – Biomimetic Design und Bauhaus

when 16 July 2018 - 21 July 2018
language English
duration 1 week
fee EUR 590

“Biomimetics is the abstraction of good design from nature” (Center of Biomimetics, UK)

Biomimetics is a strategic approach to translate solutions from nature into a technical or artistic context and by these reinterpreting scientific findings in technology and the arts. This is not only about form and aesthetics but primarily about functional connections that should lead to innovation. Functional analogies are the base for the translations in both directions, from solution to application or from problem to solution.
The connection to traditional techniques in craftsmanship are as interesting as the investigation of the potentials of novel design- and production technologies, that create a new formal language. Strategies like biomimicry integrate concepts for sustainable and ecological design. Interdisciplinarity and cooperation from institutions of basic scientific research to production is the base for research and development projects, that shall go beyond the design of prototypes to the introduction of novel products on the market.

The course Skin and Surface – Biomimetic Design and Bauhaus experiments with the innovation method biomimetics in the context of the Bauhaus tradition. In a process of artistic research and based on selected research results from biology a new formal language for specific material and structures is developed.
The theme of the workshop is “Skin and Surface”. Intersections between the inside and the outside of biological organisms on one hand, and built structures, on the other hand, shall be investigated to create sensible analogies that lead to innovative solutions.

Course leader

Dr. Petra Gruber is an architect with a strong interest in inter- and transdisciplinary design.

Target group

Best suited for: Architects, Designers, Artists, Biologists, Modelmakers, Craftspeople

Course aim

The aim of the workshop is the experimental development of models and prototypes with traditional and novel means of production.

Credits info

There are no credits for this course. After finishing the course successfully, the participants will receive a Certificate of completion.

Fee info

EUR 590: The participation fee is 590.00 EUR per one-week course.

The participation fee includes:
- registration fee of 160.00 EUR (this amount is not refundable)
- course fee of 430.00 EUR
The course fee includes lunch and dinner (Mon-Sat) as well as the preliminary course and all evening events. For several courses we might have to charge an additional materials fee, please see the specific course page for the exact total price.
EUR 220: Accommodations
We also offer you the possibility of overnight accommodations including breakfast at the Bauhaus landmark. The cost of the accommodations depends on your room selection:
220.00 EUR for a seven-night stay in a double room / breakfast
310.00 EUR for a seven-night stay in a single room / breakfast
The accommodations gains also access to the local swimming pool. We recommend attending the course while staying at the Bauhaus monument, since this allows you to take advantage of the Summer School’s extensive evening programming without having to commute daily.


Reduced fees for students and young professionals are available through awarded grants (the number of grants is limited).

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