Barcelona, Spain

Design Thinking for Business Transformation

when 1 July 2024 - 5 July 2024
language English
duration 1 week
fee EUR 1300

Innovation. Problem-solving. Creativity. Co-Creation. Customer value. These concepts have tremendous impact in today’s business strategy. They are the ingredients that spur new growth opportunities, optimize business processes and create strong connections with customers. They are obvious, yet diffuse.We see these words everywhere we look today. But what do they really define? Are they real? Do they have any real impact on business or are they just a series of trendy words slapped on company slogans, advertisements, and annual reports?

Design Thinking is a human-centric group of work processes and frameworks that help identify, develop and deliver on these concepts creatively and efficiently. Real innovation delivers real results. Results in introducing new product-service experiences to create value in a business, in understanding the changing customer expectations or in expanding existing markets. In essence, developing meaningful design solutions through a design thinking approach, co-created with all stakeholders, results in business transformation. This course is designed for the professional who is looking to better define, shape and implement innovative strategies in their respective ecosystems and deliver higher value to their businesses.

Course leader

IED Barcelona

Target group

This Professional Summer Course is designed for professionals working in Sales, Human Resources, Innovation, R+I+D, Marketing, Communications, business development, Design and Management departments willing to work at a strategic level.

Course aim


- Gain better insights on existing/future customers
- Understand customer needs/problems and wants/emotions
- Enhance company value by identifying and acting on new opportunities efficiently
- How to lead teams through the creative process
- Distinguish between experience phase and implementation phase
- Prototype fast to clarify concepts and get valued feedback
- Validate and sell the ultimate story to stakeholders

Fee info

EUR 1300: Enrollment Fee: 500 €
Tuition Fee: 800 €