Brussels, Belgium

Theatre Campuses

blended course
when 5 July 2021 - 29 August 2021
language English
duration 8 weeks
fee EUR 250

The mission of the project is to connect students of the art (drama, film, performance, opera) of Europe and Asia in Brussels for regular joint workshops, as well as professionals and nonprofessionals, seeking for personal development.
Disciplines that we cover are:
Acting skills
Theatre Directing
Film Directing
Film Production
Opera art
Workshops are supervised by theatre and film producers, researchers, educators, actors and directors, renowned lecturers and practitioners from Europe and Asia.
Our workshops are built around three “multi”- prefixes:
-Theatre, Music, Film, Dance, Opera, Circus are the neighbouring disciplines. But they still rarely coexist.
-Theatre performance so much need to be filled by eccentricity of circus, perfection of ballet, voice of opera artist, life music of orchestra. How much we need each other! And vice-versa.
-How much richer could be orchestra performance if the theatre directors and acting coaches could be part of it and give it another form of existence. Who said that the classical music has to be performed by musician with indifferent boring face, why this can not be a performance in full meaning of this word.
- The physical embodiment of the character and the actor's work on the style. The unique method based on a combination of the theatrical techniques, brilliant discoveries of psychology of the XX century and application of Fine Art analyze while creating a style of performance
-developing directors and actors skills on working in different Styles and Genres, based on scenes of Moliere, Shakespeare, Brecht and Chekhov

Course leader

Professor Vladimir Bouchler

Target group

students and graduates of drama schools, as well as professionals and nonprofessionals, seeking for personal development

Fee info

EUR 250: 250 Euro per 5 days (5 hours a day)
For students who register for 2 weeks or more there is a reduction of 10 to 20%


free places for a week campus will be provided to those who will send their candidatures by June 15, 2021. The standard price of the week is 250 euros. A candidate should send his/her resume and a motivation letter.