Almere, Netherlands

Food Safety

when 2 July 2012 - 13 July 2012
duration 2 weeks
credits 2 EC
fee EUR 500

For food companies certain norms and standards have become a necessity. This necessity can be caused by several reasons as: marketing, gaining trust of the consumer, motivating employees, etc. The company would like to prove that they invested in development, implementation and maintenance of quality management systems. Companies developed HACCP systems, BRC, IFS, GlobalGAP, etc. A comprehensive risk assessment and risk management has to be executed.

Certification is an act, with which will be proved that there is a justified trust that the product meets a norm, a standard or another normative document. This conformity will be conformed with an officially registered document: the certificate.

The act needed to demonstrate the proof of the conformity is called the audit. The audit is a systematic, autonomous and well-documented process, aimed at obtaining audit evidence and confirmation, and the objective evaluation against audit criteria

Course leader

Ms Olga Kujawska

Target group

The food safety summer school aims at developing specialist in food safety auditing in 2 weeks. The program includes a very intensive training and combines several approaches: interactive lectures, literature study and excursions. The goal is developing knowledge and competences on the field of quality and food safety and increasing awareness on several perspectives.

Course aim

The course is designed for professionals and students who are dealing with food, food quality and food safety in their daily work. This can be from the point of view of a governmental position, worker in the food sector or someone who is dealing with distribution of food and will have a close relation with consumers.

Credits info

2 EC
Certificate of attendance is also provided

Fee info

EUR 500: Includes course fee and materials as well as activities
EUR 240: Accommodation fee for total of 2 weeks

120 euro per student per week


Summer School Almere doesn’t offer scholarships for this course.