Turkey, Istanbul

Project Management

when 19 January 2020 - 31 January 2020
language English
duration 2 weeks
credits 3 EC
fee USD 700

This course guides students through fundamental project management concepts and behavioral skills needed to successfully launch and lead benefits from projects. Successful project managers manage their resources, schedules, risks, and scope to produce a desired outcome. In this course, students explore project management with a practical, hands-on approach through case studies and class exercises. Special attention is given to critical success factors required to overcome resistance to change.
This course intends to make the students familiar with the necessary information about the concepts of management as well as leadership. It will be reviewed causes of project failure and how to mitigate risks through proper planning in the early phases of a new initiative. Also students will concentrate on the issue of runnig a business enterprise.
Many Project management tools will be covered like Gantt Chart and network diagrams of CPM and PERT including competitive calculations. Uncertain activity durations affect the Project completion times and Project managers should get ready for production and service management systems to meet the deadlines by applying these tools.

Course leader

Semih Yön

Target group

The course is open to undergraduate and graduate students in social sciences, mathematical sciences, all engineering fields, humanities, arts, communication, political sciences, business and marketing. This course focuses on project management methodology that will allow you to initiate and manage projects efficiently and effectively. You will learn key project management skills and strategies, and you will have the opportunity to apply this knowledge through assignments.

Course aim

Upon successfully completing the course, the students will be able to;
• Explain business and management concepts and definitions.
• Use project management tools, techniques, and skills
• Assign critical resources for effective project implementation
• Employ strategies to address the success factors
• Understand the implications, challenges, and opportunities of organizational dynamics in project management
• Understand project management design, development, and deployment
• Identify and use key performance metrics for project success
• Understand how to manage project cost, quality, and delivery
• Engage and lead effective project management teams in the organization

Fee info

USD 700: Ealry Bird Registration Fee
USD 750: Normal Registration Fee