Utrecht, Netherlands

Filmmaking for beginners

when 11 August 2020 - 20 August 2020
language English
duration 2 weeks
credits 3 EC
fee EUR 900

This course provides an introduction into filmmaking; training in basic storytelling and practical skills that are required for shooting and editing a short film. To become a successful filmmaker, you will need a lot of exercise and experience in different areas. How does storytelling work? How do you visualize your ideas? How do you handle a camera and edit your images? Using both theory and practical exercises, you will learn about the complicated art of film. We take a close look at the creative process and will practice the art by making several short films.

Filmmaking is one of the fastest growing social skills nowadays. Everyone has a camera with him all the time. Everyone shoots moving images at any moment. Everyone shares these images through internet: everyone is a filmmaker.

But it is not that easy. To make a real film you need more insight in visual storytelling. You have to be able to translate your ideas into interesting images and edit them in a way the the public understands and touches. You have to communicate your ideas to the public.

How to start? You practice in writing down your own ideas, building a good story with an intriguing start, a dramatic middle and a satisfying end. You will analize concepts on their secret power, study composition and analize shooting- and editingstyles. You learn how to convert your ideas into a storyboard or a shootable script. You learn how to make the right shots to be able to edit them into an interesting story. You practice in handling a camera, adapting exposure and color, adjusting the sound, edit your images in the computer. During the course you get a short training in managing the equipment.

Your main assignment is to learn how to make a short, artistic film, based on your own ideas. To enable this, we will pay attention to the technology needed in the workshop to make sure everybody can do the exercises and assignments. There will be many moments for feedback from your peers and from the course leader on work-in-progress. The course will also offer the possibility to differentiate between the course members so everyone can participate on a suitable level.

Course leader

Wiendelt Hooijer

Target group

Students that are really interested in improving their filmskills and making a film of their own. Some experience in filmmaking and editing is not required but helps a lot. You do need a laptop computer with software that allows film-editing. Or you can just bring your own external diskdrive that can be connected to the desktop computers of HKU that are provided with the necessary software (mostly Apple computers with Adobe Premiere). So you can work on assignments during closing times of the classroom. Camera’s, tripods, sound equipment and lights are being provided bij HKU.

Course aim

Students will learn how to create and write a simple filmplan, shoot the necessary visual material and edit this into a compelling story.

Fee info

EUR 900: Course + Course materials
EUR 350: Housing fee (optional)

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