Copenhagen, Denmark

Food Packaging

when 5 August 2024 - 30 August 2024
language English
duration 4 weeks
credits 7.5 EC
fee DKK 6375

The process of packaging of foods is where many food scientific disciplines meet in practice. The food package is also the “surface” of the food product that meets the consumer first. The packaging of food will have consequences for the quality and shelf life of food products. It has an impact of the environment and climate through the use of oil based materials and release of plastic in nature. When designing food packaging for food one has to consider and balance many aspects such as consumer appeal, food safety, environmental, food quality and technological aspects.

Detailed content in the course:

Technology and methods for food packaging. Food packaging materials. Light transmission and gas and water vapor permeability of packaging films. Surface properties of packaging materials. Interaction between food and packaging. Shelf life, chemical and microbiologial development of quality of packaged food. Packaging gases and modified atmosphere packaging. Packaging of foods with specific demands such as dry foods, dairy products, meat and beer. Environmental impact of food packaging and sustainable packaging technology and packaging materials. Intelligent packaging and novell technology. Consumer scientific aspects of packaging.

Target group

Qualifications within the field of basic food chemistry and food microbiology on bachelor level is recommended.

Academic qualifications equivalent to a BSc degree is recommended.

Course aim


- Understanding of packaging materials and their properties in terms of permeability, transmission and sealing properties.
- Indentification of environmental impact of packaging solutions
- Understand shelf life and microbiological and food chemical aspects of food packaging and food product.
- Show overview of consumer scientific aspects of packaging
- Understand food chemical aspects of food packaging
- Knowledge of packaging equipment and technology


- Skills in presenting and explaining complex relations food packaging
- Skills in applying theoretical concepts and making calculations related to packaging.


- Analyze and discuss packaging demands of food products
- Independent work in groups and writing report

Fee info

DKK 6375: EU/EEA citizens
DKK 11437: Non-EU citizens