Liverpool, United Kingdom

Critical Thinking in an Age of Fake News and False Information

when 13 June 2022 - 1 July 2022
language English
duration 3 weeks
credits 5 EC

Critical thinking is vital in age of bad science, counter knowledge and the spread of fake news. It is also a much valued skill for future employment.

This module is students who would like to learn more about the process of thinking and how we can distinguish the plausible (could be true) from the implausible (probably not true) and the ridiculous. How and why does fake news spread? What is counter knowledge? How can we tell a good theory from a bad? Why are conspiracy theories so attractive? What is “bullshit”? Why is there so much of it?

The knowledge and skills developed through this module will be valued around the globe, and are also transferrable to many disciplines.

Course leader

Dr Philip Leeke

Course aim

This module aims to:

 Build students’ confidence in understanding, discussing and communicating complex ideas, both in written and spoken language.
 Develop skills in research, collaborative learning and in preparing and delivering a group presentation.
 Introduce students to the concept of critical thinking and some of the main reasons why we are so poor at thinking and often make poor decisions. Students will be reflect on the process of thinking as well as think about some of the most important issues facing the world today.

Credits info

5 EC
Credits are equivalent to 2.5 ECTS

Fee info

GBP 0: Module must be taken as part of a Week 1-3 or Week 1-6 International Summer School programme, so no individual module prices are available.