Madrid, Spain

Music & Culture Summer Camp: Music and Fun

when 29 June 2020 - 12 July 2020
language English
duration 2 weeks
credits 4.5 EC
fee EUR 5

The program is focused as a cultural and linguistic immersion in the musical world along with sports, languages and leisure activities that balance the intensity of instrumental activity. It is open to all levels and is a great choice as a prelude of the Summer Camp programme for young artists.

The teachers of the summer camp are final year and former students of the School, all of whom are chosen according to the School’s academic criteria. The supervisors, with a ratio of one supervisor for every eight students and all of them holders of the diploma on Leisure and Free Time, accompany and help students make them feel at home.

The programme divides students in groups. They spend half the day in our facilities for everything related to music and the other half at the Colegio Mayor Universitario San Pablo, where they take theoretical subjects, play sports and learn languages. Courses are taught in Spanish and English.

The programme is designed for students who are beginning to play an instrument and those with an intermediate level that want to get immersed, for 14 days, in a unique musical and artistic environment while enjoying leisure and sports activities.

A scholarship covering up to 40% of the program cost is available to interested students.

Target group

Beginner to intermediate musicians of 12-17 years old that want to improve their musical and cultural skills.

Credits info

4.5 EC
Eight hours of individual class with the teacher of instrument technique. During this class, the teacher helps the student improve his technique by adapting to his level.

Sixteen hours of instrument practice in individual booths. Therefore, the student can practice what he has learned or rehearse before class.

Eight hours of choir. The group choir subject helps students work in harmony and brings cohesion to the group.

Nine* hours of theoretical subjects of History of Music and Art, Ear Training, Harmony and History of Instruments and Organology.

Ten* hours of culture. We organise several musical and cultural activities in order to create the right immersion atmosphere for the group. From visiting great museums and luthiers in Madrid to having the opportunity to attend closed-door rehearsals of the Santander Encounter of Music and Academy musicians as well as those of Madrid’s Symphony Orchestra.

Five* hours of languages. Students receive English or Spanish classes, depending on their mother tongue. Groups are divided by level.

Eight* hours of sports: yoga, swimming, tennis or volleyball. It is a perfect way to relax before or after classes.

Leisure activities: The programme is completed with leisure activities which take place mostly in Santander, where students enjoy their free time playing games as well as swimming, always under the watch of supervisors, thus helping strengthen the group. In addition, all students of the Full Campus have one hour of supervised leisure.

Weekend trip to Santander: According to the calendar of the Santander Music and Academy Encounter, students visit the conservatory where rehearsals take place, they attend masterclasses and concerts of the Encounter’s official programme.

Concert for parents: Performance of the students at the end of the programme, to be held in the School’s Sony Auditorium.

Fee info

EUR 5: Full price for residential campus
EUR 4: Full price for day campus


There is a scholarship available to students covering up to 40% of the program cost. It alters program costs as follows:

Residential campus - 3,390
Day campus - 2,670