Salzburg, Austria

Recently Deleted, Other Albums and Camera Roll

when 3 August 2020 - 15 August 2020
language English
duration 2 weeks
fee EUR 720

This course is part of the Salzburg International Summer Academy of Fine Arts's 2020 programme.

Course leader

Randa Mirza and Lara Tabet

Target group

open to anyone interested, basic Photoshop skills welcome

Course aim

Nowadays we use our camera, mostly with our phones, widely to produce numerous visual data. This material is often dismissed, deleted, shared online, and in the best case stored in its digital form. In this course, we will use our (phone’s) photo and video libraries to develop and produce a personal as well as a collective body of work.

The aim of the course is to delve into each participant’s personal archive. We will look at our different pre-recorded memories to see what differentiates our experiences and what we have in common. How can we use camera-based work as a tool of inquiry in the exploration of selfhood at the cross-point between the subjective and the collective? What do our Camera Rolls tell about us, both individually and collectively?

Reviewing our material will allow each participant to define a subject of interest in order to build a personal visual narrative using mainly photography and video. We will approach different references of artists using archival images or their personal archives and reflecting on virtuality and digitality in contemporary times.

The next step will combine individual reflections and group discussions. It will result in an editing process and the elaboration of each participant’s work. We will consider the possibility of working in groups of people who want to deal with the same topic. The course will provide photo printing and/or video mounting sessions, as well as group reflexions to stage a common exhibition by the end of the programme.

Fee info

EUR 720: regular fee
EUR 560: reduced fee for students


Grant applications can be sent before 1 April.