Barcelona, Spain

Graphic Design in Branding

when 1 July 2024 - 22 July 2024
language English
duration 3 weeks
fee EUR 3150

The field of visual identity design for businesses, products, events and services has changed significantly. Today, brands are more dynamic, shifting, adaptive and evolving than ever. They are no longer a static element, and more and more devices and platforms are emerging on which to deploy visual identity systems. This calls for a strategic approach and efficient design capable of keeping up with these trends.

Course leader

IED Barcelona

Target group

This course is especially geared towards people who are interested in gaining insight into the main tools used in generating design and visual communication projects and learning the basic concepts used in the graphic design world and particularly in visual identity, branding and brand culture.

It also targets designers from other fields, graduates and undergraduates in fine arts, communication, photography, publishing, advertising or printing, and entrepreneurs seeking to broaden their knowledge of strategic graphic design. University students and graduates in Graphic Design and visual and interactive communication.

Some command of Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and/or Acrobat will be valued positively. Students will not be taught how to use these tools during classroom hours but will be asked to produce their project using the software of their choice.

Course aim

- Providing an introduction to the different stages of a design and visual communication project geared towards visual identity systems.
- Working with different representation techniques, making models (dummies), drawing up quotes and understanding how to manage, produce and implement a project.
- Exploring new design criteria based on a case study and other project methodologies (visual design thinking) and analysing the different ideas students come up with to solve the same problem within a specific project.
- Learning about the materials, tools, strategies, techniques and technology linked to Graphic Design and Visual Communication.
- Developing creative concepts and the ability to think up aesthetically pleasing, functional and effective design and communication solutions for branding projects.
- Building up the skills needed to present a good professional project.
- Interpreting trends and keeping up with technological and innovative breakthroughs.

Fee info

EUR 3150: Enrollment Fee: € 1000
Fee: €2150