Svoge, Bulgaria

Archaeological Excavations of St. Panteleimon Church

when 5 September 2021 - 25 September 2021
language English
duration 3 weeks
fee EUR 1

In 2021 the Svoge Heritage program (SHP) will start a completely new excavation at the locality "Trastenaya hut". At this place is situated an old church called by the locals "St. Panteleimon". In Bulgarian folklore St. Panteleimon is the saint, connected with travels, roads, and links between the worlds.
The church never had been studied. The legend says that at that place was situated an ancient Thracian sanctuary near which centuries later students of St. Clement of Ohrid built the monastery. There are suggestions that for some period an abbot of the monastery was the legendary priest Martin, who maintained close relationships with the monastery Seven Thrones.
However, there is indisputable evidence that the so-called "church" is much earlier than the Medieval period. Its dimensions - 20 x 8 m, its wide apse can be assigned to the Late Antiquity. Furthermore, in close vicinity are located the route of a Roman road. The name "St. Panteleimon" Traveler is an indisputable link to this earlier period. The main goal of this project is to clarify the chronology and the historical background of the church. The scientific significance of this historical monument could be essential as it will clarify the administrative basis of the Late Roman Empire.

Course leader

Krassimira Todorova - archaeologist and curator of the museum collection in the town of Svoge.

Target group

These programs are ideal for people ages 18 - 25 but no person with a spatial interest or personal achievements in cultural preservation will be excluded because of the age limit. Our participants must be broadminded and open to foreign cultures. The only requirement is a satisfactory knowledge of English.

Course aim

In course of the excavations, the students will have a chance to take part in a completely new scientific project, to learn the basic steps of preliminary research activities, GIS studies, topographical and historical context, field methods of starting archaeological digs. The project offers an opportunity to gain basic skills of the "very beginning" of archaeological research, to discover and to analyze archaeological data.

Fee info

EUR 1: One session (3 weeks)
EUR 1: Group of three or more people - one session