Vienna, Austria

Pre-IB Summer School

when 5 July 2023 - 8 August 2023
language English
duration 5 weeks
fee EUR 850

The Program that will boost your grades during IBDP.
No procrastination. No overwhelm.
During MYP students don’t (really) feel the pressure of IB. Yet.
But starting with 11th grade things change dramatically. The number and the complexity of tasks increases / skyrockets, draining many students off their willpower and blowing up their self-confidence.

In the first months of 11th grade procrastination and overwhelm take over, causing many students to acquire results way below their potential.

Pre-IB Summer School is the place where MYP students are prepared in advance for IBDP challenges.

It is a cosy and welcoming space for learning where we introduce students through learning techniques, into the syllabus of 11th and 12th grade.
Each IB subject will be presented to the student and explained what is expected from him in terms of wriiten assigments and also how to prepare for the final exam.
Students are taught to set goals, to pursue them through planning and most of all, to take responsibility of their work.
These are very important skills to have when starting 11th grade.
They will be trained in our T.E.M.P.E.R.A Framework, that will equip them with solid skills in time management and efficient learning.
Due to the double specialisation of our staff (IB teachers and psychologists), sessions are based on psychological techniques that enhance concentration, memory, logical and critical thinking, but also coping with exam anxiety.

Course leader

Ioana Anghel-Pirich

Target group

PRE-IB students

Course aim

Pre-IB Summer school is for you if:
You are entering the first year of IB
You want to get a high score in your IB exams and access a good Universit
You want to know what to expect and how to prepare
You want to know how to prepare the best for each subject.

What are the main gains for you in Pre-IB Summer School:
Deep understanding of the syllabus to cover, the assessments during the school year. The mark schemes used by the IB examiners when grading your papers
Detailed goal definition for the two years of IB, clear and precise explinations of what is expected from you
How to learn efficiently and have time left for other activities.
What are CAS, TOK, Extended essay and Internal Assessments

What you get from Pre-IB Summer School:
How to get the maximum points in each subject and achieve the highest scores;
How to manage your time during exams so that you approach each section properly and not overlook or mess up any of them
Structured handouts for all IB subjects to help you further.

What skills you boost from Pre-IB Summer School:
Structuring learning material
Techniques for a better understanding and memorization of the learning material,
Techniques for time management
Manage your anxiety

Every week will start with the general structure for IB, Time Management strategies and goals definition.
All students will receive synthetized and clear learning material on the specific topics.

The students will get individual support in all weeks, the student can attend one or more weeks, starting in any week between 5th of July 2021 and 8th of August. the learning evolves progressively.
More the student attends, deeper we will enter in the learning material.

Credits info

This course might count for CAS. Contact us for more details

Fee info

EUR 850: Reserve your spot for the weeks that best fits your schedule:
Schedule: Monday until Friday from 10.00 until 17.00
Lunch Break: 13.00-14.00
Max 5 participants
Cost: 850 Euro per person per week


We offer two places with 50% discount. Send us your latest grades and write us why getting high grades in IB is so important to you. We will let you know if you are one of the lucky ones