Dölsach, Austria

Aguntum Field School

when 17 July 2023 - 5 August 2023
language English
duration 3 weeks
credits 6 EC
fee EUR 2400

The Aguntum Summer School - Archaeological Field School offers students of classical and ancient study programmes to participate in the excavation of the Roman town of Aguntum, in courses on the history of the Eastern Alps as well as to join excursions to the most exciting find spots in the region.

The practical work at the excavation site includes the uncovering, description and measurement of archaeological findings, their recovery and initial careful cleaning as well as the further processing and interpretation of the materials and findings. Accompanying courses on the current discourse in field archaeological methods as well as on the broader historical framework of the excavation site in Roman and late ancient times (1st to 6th centuries AD) are offered.

Course leader

Dr. Martin Auer

Target group

Students of ancient history / archaeolgy and everyone who is interested in learning archaeological field methods.

Course aim

Students will learn how to excavate and document an archaeological trench.

Credits info

6 EC
provided by the University of Innsbruck

Fee info

EUR 2400: the course fee includes excursions and the provision of working materials in the theoretical and practical part of the Summer School
EUR 200: Accomodation in the "Grabungshaus" on the site