Copenhagen, Denmark

Ways of Living: Danish Architecture & Urban Design

when 29 July 2024 - 9 August 2024
language English
duration 2 weeks
credits 7.5 EC
fee DKK 3750

In this two-week intensive summer course, the city of Copenhagen will be our primary classroom, with walking-lectures, sidewalk-seminars, independent field studies, and collegial debates being unfolded across a diversity of places within the metropolis. First-hand experiences, place-based interpretative discourses, on-site analyses, and critical readings will be entwined to support grounded ways of questioning and understanding the historical and contemporary Danish architecture and urban design cases at-hand. ‘Ways of living’, in this course, encompasses and addresses a diversity of human and nonhuman relationalities, and acknowledges that architecture and urban design are never stand-alone but are always parts of something both bigger and smaller than themselves. In this course, ‘ways of living’ spans a broad spectrum between ways of living with nature and ways of living relative to shifting socio-cultural conditions and political landscapes. Our concern shall be with such wider themes as urban history, sustainable urban development, climate adaptation, public life and the everyday (including human health and wellness), multi-modal transport, architectural transformation, circular economy, decision-making praxes (including participatory urban design and the distribution of power relations/resources), playscapes, and urban recreation. We warmly encourage diverse academic majors to enroll to further support a richness of interdisciplinary and intersectional perspectives and dialogues in our walking-classroom.

Application deadline: 1 April (first round) and 1 June (second round, subject to availability)

Course leader

Courtney D. Coyne-Jensen
Peter Edelberg (administration)

Target group


Fee info

DKK 3750: EU/EEA citizens
DKK 9375: Non-EU/EEA citizens