Bologna, Italy

Design for Crowdfunding

online course
when 25 April 2022 - 25 September 2022
language English
duration 22 weeks
fee EUR 1200

Bojan Smiljanic reveals the secrets of a successful product and campaign in crowdfunding platforms such as Kickstarter® or Indiegogo®.

Intensive course 100% VR
5 x 1 hour online lessons (5 days)
Minimum attendance of 3 students.

Course leader

Bojan Smiljanic started his career as an industrial designer, founded a consultancy helping startups develop products and crowdfund them across China, Australia and USA.

Target group

Dedicated to Industrial, Product Designers and Business Angels or Entrepreneurs who want to know the secrets of the perfect product and campaign for Crowdfunding platforms..
Basic understanding of product’s development stages.
Basic knowledge of Kickstarter and Indiegogo platforms.
Basic knowledge of paid advertisement concept.
Attitude for learning by researching and testing ground.
Having at least one startup idea worth crowdfunding.

Course aim

Day 1: Presentation
Presentation by the lecturer and guest speakers. The main presenter will be Bojan Smiljanic, an established industrial designer and crowdfunding veteran.
Where to Start?
Getting an idea from paper to a shipped product is challenging, especially if you never did it and do not have the investment to cover all the costs. Even the simplest product on the shelf goes through a long process and has significant costs behind it.
Day 2: Build your idea fast
In a world where the newest idea gets produced, consumed and even copied is very fast, your plan from the product development, prototyping, tooling and product delivery has to be very precise.
Research your Market
Even before you order a product design service or put together first prototypes, thorough market research will cut many costs, unnecessary features and bold packaging. Focus groups, surveys, even asking strangers if they like the idea will do wonders for you.
Day 3: Crowdfunding 101
Your idea is ready - crowdfund! Early-stage preparations, assets creation, pre-campaign and audience creation. Your product needs to be a rock star!
Top platforms require a specific approach to launching the campaigns, you have to follow them! How to use the amazing audience already available on Kickstarter, how to manage updates and cross-promotion.
Day 4: Presentation
Your project needs to speak for itself, have a brand, landing page and has to tell the story. Your videos, photos, lifestyle integration will make or break the campaign - plan it ahead.
Live campaign and post-campaign
Your campaign is going great, what to do after it ends? The backers will demand updates, have constructive ideas and order more of your amazing product.
Day 5: Go from a product to startup
A chat with the industry veteran Tobia Repossi, design consultancy owner in China and Italy.

Fee info

EUR 1200: What's included:

Oculus Quest® 2 VR headset.

Assistance and booking management with qualified English speaker.

Certificate of attendance.