Luzern, Switzerland

Ethics in a Global Context

when 1 June 2023 - 6 June 2023
language English
duration 1 week
credits 6 EC

The LSUE’s global dialog focuses on topics such as the ethics of human rights, gender justice, economic, financial and corporate ethics, the ethics of digitization, automation, robotization, the use of artificial intelligence and bio, medical and environmental ethics. The integrated project workshops and colloquia are intended to promote and discuss the scientific work as well as practical projects of twenty master students. The dialog across the boundaries of academic disciplines, cultures and worldviews facilitates the joint search for solutions in a global context and leads to mutual scientific and personal enrichment.

Course leader

Affiliated to the Institute of Social Ethics ISE at the University of Lucerne, the LSUE is headed by Prof. Dr. Peter G. Kirchschlaeger.

Target group

MA students from all disciplines worldwide

Course aim

Teaching specific methods and instruments used in ethics so that the participants learn how to deal with moral dilemmas and how to cope with ethical challenges in the respective fields of study.

In dialog with the faculty and each other, enabling the participants to gain additional specific skills beyond their own subject in fields such as environmental ethics, technology ethics, business and finance ethics, intercultural ethics, human rights ethics, biomedical ethics etc.

Building a global network for sustainable responsibility.

Enabling participants to address moral questions and ethical topics in their working environment and to advise others on these topics and questions. This allows them to contribute to societal, political, institutional or organizational opinion-making and decision-making processes from an ethical standpoint and thus play a key role in creating a better present and future.

Developing specific ethical skills that open up new opportunities for the participants as unique selling points for their careers (for example, in the field of corporate social responsibility).

Fee info

EUR 0: No tuition fees.


Financial support for travel, accommodation and meals is available.