Bontida, Romania

Built Heritage Restoration Camp

when 6 August 2023 - 19 August 2023
duration 2 weeks
fee EUR 400

Theoretical training on the first day of the workshop. The lectures delivered by qualified lecturers from Romania and abroad will be translated simultaneously to Romanian, Hungarian, and English.
Practical training with the guidance of specialised craftsmen, focusing on 3 main areas:
1. Structural interventions in historic buildings: vault restoration, restoration of brick and stone walls, rendering (6 days), mural decorations and specialised techniques (fresco, secco, sgraffito, stucco – 2 days),
2. Traditional joinery and furniture restoration

Participants can register through e-mail:

Course leader

qualified lecturers from Romania and abroad, specialised craftsmen

Target group

The workshop is aimed especially at undergraduate students in Architecture, Structural Engineering, Landscape Architecture, Archaeology, History of Art, and other related fields. The workshop can also be attended by craftsmen who seek to specialize in the restoration of historic buildings, but our training course is open to anybody interested in the field of historic building conservation, or who wishes to acquire practical knowledge related to traditional building crafts.

Course aim

- to teach the theoretical principles and methodology of investigation and restoration, as well as traditional building craft skills
- to work on a real restoration site along with a team of craftsmen experienced in this field
- to meet people from a variety of professional and cultural backgrounds, widening one’s understanding of the field through interdisciplinary and intercultural dialogue

Credits info

At the end of the workshop, participants will receive a certificate of participation.

Fee info

EUR 400: a contribution towards tuition, accommodation, and catering costs, which are offered on the castle grounds