Lappeenranta, Finland

Systematic Creativity - TRIZ Basics

when 22 June 2020 - 26 June 2020
language English
duration 1 week
credits 3 EC
fee EUR 695

Master's course by LUT University.

Introduction: creativity, invention, innovation. Creativity obstacles and supporters. Place of creativity in modern economy. Invention and Innovation. Basic institutions of invention: know-how, patent, public good (paper). Thinking inertia and other invention killers. Tools for creativity support and place of TRIZ among them. Genrich Altshuller and the history of TRIZ.

Trends of Engineering System Evolution (TESE). Altshuller’s finding: evolution patters engineering systems. S-curve evolution trend, Trend of ideality increase, Dynamisation, Functionality Increase, Transition to Macrollevel etc. Applications to technology intelligence and system design.

Part 2. Ideal Final Result concept. Axiom of Ideality in TRIZ. Formulation, examples. Operation time, operation zone. 3 ways to reach IFR. Ideality and system reduction (trimming).

Part 3. Contradiction analysis and elimination.Invention as contradiction elimination. Engineering contradictions and elimination standards. Altshuller Matrix. Physical contradictions and elimination standards. Separation principles.

Part 4. SuFiled modeling and transformation. Modeling of interactions in engineering system by subject-object-action triple. Substabce-Field. Standards for SuField model transformations.

Part 5. Algorithm of inventive problem analysis (simplified ARIZ).

The course is proposed to be suitable also for doctoral studies.

Course leader

Contact person of the LUT Summer School: Mrs. Veronika Kojo,

Target group

Final-year Bachelor's and Master's students with background knowledge in technology and technology management.

Course aim

The aim of the course is to:
- recognise the role, place and institutions of invention in innovation process/business,
- recognise the trends of technology/technical system evolution,
- model a problem situation as a contradiction and apply standard methods of their resolving. Model a problem situation as Su-Field triple and apply standard SuField transformations,
- formulate the model of inventive (to be) solution,
- organise effective search/adaptation of the inventive solution.

Fee info

EUR 695: For students from partner universities
- one week: tuition EUR 595 + accommodation EUR 400
- two weeks: tuition EUR 695 + accommodation EUR 500
EUR 795: For students from non-partner universities
- one week: tuition EUR 695 + accommodation EUR 400
- two weeks: tuition EUR 795 + accommodation EUR 500


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