Utrecht, Netherlands

The Politics of Disablement

when 21 August 2024 - 23 August 2024
language English
duration 1 week
credits 1 EC
fee EUR 175

The Politics of Disablement Summer School brings together scholars from various fields in the humanities and social sciences interested in thinking about the intersection of disability studies and politics. The event aims to explore the diverse ways in which disability is understood and experienced within different social, cultural and political contexts. The summer school will provide a platform for scholars, researchers and practitioners to engage in interdisciplinary discussions, share their research and exchange ideas on the politics of disablement.

The summer school is organized around three tracks: disability and social justice, the body and sexuality, and capacity and representation. Each track will have a distinct focus, and participants can submit ideas for papers and workshops related to these themes. The disability and social justice track will explore the intersection between disability and social inequalities, examining the ways in which disability relates to different forms of discrimination, marginalization and epistemic (in)justice. The body and sexuality track will focus on the ways in which disability intersects with issues concerning sexuality, gender, and the body, exploring the social and cultural constructions of disability as they relate to sexuality, embodiment, and identity. Finally, the capacity and representation track will explore the ways in which disability is represented in popular culture, media and literature, the impact of these representations on the lives of disabled people, and their political implications and consequences.

The summer school will offer participants the opportunity to engage with other scholars in the field of disability studies, and to share their own research with a wider audience. In addition to paper presentations and workshops by the participants, the summer school will also include lectures, panel discussions and social events, with the aim of creating a vibrant and stimulating environment to think through the relationship between disability and the political.

Course leader

Prof.dr. Alice Schippers

Target group

The Politics of Disablement Summer School is open to researchers, practitioners and students from a range of disciplines, including those who work in fields like sociology, anthropology, cultural studies, literature, philosophy, political science, and social work. It is particularly relevant for those interested in disability studies, social justice, human rights, and diversity and inclusion.

With the Politics of Disablement summer school, we seek to offer an exciting opportunity for scholars and practitioners with different levels of experience and background to engage in critical discussions and debates on disability and politics, drawing on the insights and perspectives of multiple disciplines. By bringing together a diverse range of scholars, the summer school aims to contribute to the ongoing conversation about the politics of disablement, and to inspire new ways of thinking about disability and social justice.

Fee info

EUR 175: Course fee
EUR 250: Housing fee (optional)

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