Brno, Czech Republic

Embryology - From Gametes to Organisms

when 14 July 2024 - 27 July 2024
language English
duration 2 weeks
credits 4 EC
fee EUR 1200

Dive into the world of gametes and embryos. This summer school prepares students in methods of andrological analysis and microscopic anatomy of developing organisms. Alongside with basic laboratory skills and an overview of relevant theory, this course touches on infertility treatment as a relevent case study as it is one of the most challenging topics in embryology today.

Besides gaining hard skills in the lab, students will also expand on soft skills required for laboratory work such as the ability to do independent work as well as work in a team, critical thinking, presenting scientific issues, problem solving, and interculture communication.

This programme is designed as a part of our Intensive 2 Week Summer School, where multiple courses from a wide variety of Masaryk University study programmes and departments will be offered. These courses will be arranged in an intensive and dynamic form, each working day there will be an academic session. In the afternoon and evenings students come together from across disciplines to enjoy everything Brno has to offer!

In addition to the academics, daily cultural and social programming will be offered, including the option of a one-day excursion to Vienna.

Course leader

Helena Nejezchlebová, Jiřina Medalová

Target group

This course is targeted for bachelor, master and PhD students with enthusiasm, interest and basic microscopic skills. The curriculum requires knowledge of biology at the high school level.

Course aim

- Detailed theoretical and practical knowledge of gametogenesis in humans and selected model animals. Understanding infertility treatment issues including practical mastery of andrological analysis methods. Orientation in the anatomy of human, mouse, chicken, and fish embryos.
- Distinguishing embryologic organs according their histological structure.
- Interspecies comparison of the organogenesis progress.
- Read, understand and present interesting embryologic topics from the scientific manuscripts, discuss the issues

Fee info

EUR 1200: The cost breakdowns as follows:

- Tuition fees

- Accommodation in Brno (14-27 July)

- Breakfast

- Orientation

- Daily cultural and social activities including welcome and farewell receptions

- Day trip to Vienna

- 24/7 support

Students should budget an additional €200-500 depending on their spending habits for food (lunch, dinner) and other expenses.
EUR 1100: €100 discount for students from partner universities

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