Brno, Czech Republic

Sign Language: Linguistics & Practice

when 14 July 2024 - 27 July 2024
language English
duration 2 weeks
credits 3 EC
fee EUR 1200

Are you ready to embark on a captivating linguistic journey this summer? Join us at Masaryk University in Brno, Czech Republic, for an extraordinary summer school experience. Our "Sign Language: Linguistics & Practice" program is designed to open the door to a mesmerizing world of communication that transcends spoken words.

In this summer school, you will explore the intricate web of sign languages, delving deep into the linguistic aspects that make them a fascinating natural phenomenon. From the phonology, morphology, and lexicon of sign languages to their evolution and transcription, you will gain invaluable insights into the rich tapestry of sign language linguistics.

But we don't stop at theory! Our practical classes offer you the chance to put your newfound knowledge into action. You'll learn essential language skills for everyday life, from introducing yourself and discussing your family to expressing your favourite hobbies and navigating the intricacies of work and education.

Come experience our integrated introduction to (Czech) Sign Language, where theory and practice converge seamlessly. Enrich your linguistic expertise and foster a deeper appreciation for the world of sign languages. Join us for two weeks of academic growth and cultural immersion in the beautiful city of Brno.

This programme is designed as a part of our Intensive 2 Week Summer School, where multiple courses from a wide variety of Masaryk University study programmes and departments will be offered. These courses will be arranged in an intensive and dynamic form, each working day there will be an academic session. In the afternoon and evenings students come together from across disciplines to enjoy everything Brno has to offer!

In addition to the academics, daily cultural and social programming will be offered, including the option of a one-day excursion to Vienna.

Course leader

Lucia Vlášková, Mirka Tylová

Target group

Introductory knowledge of linguistics is expected. For absolute beginners, pre-school reading on introductory linguistics will be provided. No prior knowledge of Czech Sign Language (or any other sign language) is expected.

Course aim

The daily schedule will include the planned lectures and sign language training as well as a walk-in hour, where you can come to us with any questions or discussion about sign language (and) linguistics beyond our regular meetings.

During this summer school, you will be working on a group project with your classmates that you will present at the end. You will also showcase your new Czech Sign Language skills in the form of a video submission.

Fee info

EUR 1200: The cost breakdowns as follows:

- Tuition fees

- Accommodation in Brno (14-27 July)

- Breakfast

- Orientation

- Daily cultural and social activities including welcome and farewell receptions

- Day trip to Vienna

- 24/7 support

Students should budget an additional €200-500 depending on their spending habits for food (lunch, dinner) and other expenses.
EUR 1100: €100 discount for students from partner universities

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