Copenhagen, Denmark

Cross-Cultural Management - High Performing Teams

when 24 June 2024 - 26 July 2024
language English
duration 5 weeks
credits 7.5 EC
fee DKK 6000

This course helps to prepare future managers for the cross-cultural challenges and opportunities awaiting them in an increasingly globalized business environment. By examining pertinent theories and practices of high performing teams, students gain a greater understanding about how culture influences an organization’s internal and external relationships and its decision-making and operations. Students explore strategies to bridge cultural gaps and to preempt or resolve conflict in teams. They also gain insights into best dealing with culturally diverse customer, employee, supplier, and other stakeholder groups. Management communication techniques that highten awareness of differences across cultures are a key aspect within the curriculum. Theories cover a range of brand management, leadership, organizational behavior effectiveness, work-life ballance and intercultural conflict styles as well as team collaboration across cultures. Discussions focus on team performance and the experiences of numerous companies including Bang and Olufsen, Coloplast, Ecco, Novo Nordisk, Microsoft, Sony and Huawei. During the summer course students will also do experiential learning by observing business and with focus on culture and team collaboration.

Class 1: Overview: Cross-cultural imperatives and trends in global business management

Class 2: Aspects of culture and differences in corporate cultural norms. Prevalent theories and models used in cross-cultural analysis

Class 3: Impact of culture(s) on business decision-making

Class 4: Managing communication across cultures - diversity

Class 5: Negotiation and conflict resolution in a cross-cultural corporate context

Class 6: Cultural activity - field work in Copenhagen

Class 7: Leadership best practices to manage culturally diverse stakeholders

Class 8: Techniques for successful collaboration in multicultural work groups and teams

Class 9: Structuring organizations and partnerships for intercultural effectiveness

Class 10: Shaping and managing international assignments/tasks

Class 11: Recapture course

Course leader

Lisbeth Clausen - Department of Management, Society and Communication

Target group

This is a bachelor level course. CBS Summer University courses at Copenhagen Business School is open to all and welcomes domestic and international students as well as professionals.

Course aim

Account for key characteristics that define culture(s) and describe the criteria for cross-cultural analysis in a business context

Apply theories and models to corporate business cases to exemplify team collaboration across cultures

Explain cross-cultural company experiences and offer practical insight about their cultural efforts

Demonstrate how multinational corporations deal with sustainability, diversity and work-life balance in high performance team collaboration in a global perspective

Reflect upon own team collaboration experience and learning in a cross cultural context

Credits info

7.5 EC
This is a 6-week course. You can combine up to two 6-week courses making 15 ECTS in total.
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Fee info

DKK 6000: Tuition fee for Open University students (EU/EEA/Swiss citizenship)
DKK 12000: Tuition fee for non-European students.