Ljubljana, Slovenia

Programming with Python

when 8 July 2024 - 24 July 2024
language English
duration 3 weeks
credits 6 EC
fee EUR 650

1. Course introduction: Welcome to Python
2. Variables, Expressions and Conditional code
3. Functions
4. Loops and Iterations
5. Strings, Files and Lists
6. Dictionaries and Tuples
7. Introduction to Data Analytics
8. Coding in Jupyter
9. Data Wrangling
10. Exploratory Data Analysis basics

Course leader

TOMAT Luka & NARTNIK Tina, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia

Target group

Bachelor students

Course aim

The course is designed to introduce students to the fundamental concepts and techniques of software development using the Python programming language. The course emphasizes practical skills alongside theoretical understanding, enabling students to develop, analyze, and understand simple Python programs. Key focus include basic Python syntax, effective use of variables, functions, control structures like loops and decisions, and managing lists and dictionaires. Furthermore, the course will make an introduction to data analytics with Python delving into tools and libraries for data analysis, data structures basics and exploratory data analysis. The course will provide a well-rounded skill set, preparing students for real-world programming challenges. By the end of the course, students are expected to have a solid grasp of Python programming and be able to create basic software applications.

Credits info

6 EC
Participants can receive the following certificates:

- Certificate of Attendance: awarded after the summer school to all participants who have completed the three-week programme.
- Transcript of Records (with credits and grades): awarded only to participants who complete all course requirements and pass the final examination.

Fee info

EUR 650: Find more information on our website.