Madrid, Spain

Certificate in Data Science

blended course
when 27 May 2024 - 30 June 2024
language English
duration 5 weeks
credits 15 EC
fee EUR 5900

The Certificate in Data Science Fundamental is designed to cultivate curiosity and equip participants with the skills needed for data-driven decision-making.

Throughout the program, you'll gain a thorough understanding of the data lifecycle, learning to acquire, clean, structure, store, manipulate, analyze, and visualize data from diverse sources to address complex business questions. This certificate goes beyond the basics, teaching you to identify patterns and leverage machine learning and analytical tools applicable across various domains, including marketing, product development, project management, and general business administration.

What sets this certificate apart is its inclusive approach, providing both theoretical knowledge and practical expertise through real-world data sets and insights from industry leaders. The emphasis on teamwork and data visualization further enhances your ability to deliver compelling presentations that effectively communicate the impact of data, ultimately setting you apart in the competitive landscape.

Course leader

"Step into the world of data science with confidence. Our course is your perfect launchpad into a career filled with opportunities and growth in the field of data science."

Target group

For current undergraduate students or recent graduates delving into data science, seeking practical machine learning skills, and eager to apply data science across various industries, this program offers a tailored approach. Whether individuals are embarking on a career or exploring the implications of data science, the program caters to their needs.

Course aim

1. Unlock Job Opportunities: Provide students with the skills demanded in today's job market, where data analysis is essential for companies to extract insights and make informed decisions.
2. Prestigious Learning Experience: Offer a valuable learning experience through IE University, a globally recognized institution, enhancing students' professional profiles.
3. Accelerate Skill Development: Serve as an investment in students' data science careers by equipping them with essential skills and boosting their capabilities in the field.
4. Build a Strong Foundation: Establish a solid understanding of data science principles, laying the groundwork for tackling complex challenges and applications in the dynamic field of data science.
5. Mentorship and Guidance: Provide students with insights and guidance from experienced data scientists, facilitating their transition from academia to industry and supporting their professional development journey.

Fee info

EUR 5900: Lectures and courses